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Choosing a Wedding Photographer Editing Retouching Photo
If you want to look like the image on the right: ASK your potential wedding photographers the below questions! If you don’t ask you can’t be upset if you still see that last minute breakout, etc… Remember: “EDIT” to some photographers doesn’t mean “retouched”!

I used to plan weddings way back before I ever picked up a camera professionally, and here’s a list I compiled way back then to help find the photographer you’re looking for when you email prospective photographers.

I urged my Brides to ask these questions to make sure quality expectations are met, and that there were no surprises when they got their finished images back.

Truthfully I’m saddened every time I hear a story where a bad photo experience could’ve been prevented.  All it takes is a few simple questions.  Since different Photographers have different styles, AND since some HIDE their real work behind only a few “best” images on their site….make sure your style and skill level expectations mesh with theirs! :)

One gal recently told me her friend’s wedding photographer only edited the first 100 images, and had a charge per image after the first 100 to edit more. A fact she was only made aware of AFTER the fact…that was a sad, and unnecessary blind side. So, KNOW before you sign a contract…and by all means…SIGN.A.CONTRACT!!!!

Here are a few popular questions to ask your potential Wedding photographer
(or Senior, Boudoir, Family, newborn, etc…) Because really it’s a once
in a lifetime memory…and you don’t get a “do-over”!


1) Do your dress shots show the details of the dress? My dress has beautiful __________ (lace, beading, feathers, gathers, etc…), and I want to make sure I can see those details in my images…instead of just looking like a white washout.
2) What retouching do you do? Do you retouch at all?

3) If I have wrinkles, dark circles or big under eye bags will you remove or soften them? Whiten teeth? Soften skin? Remove blemishes or stretch marks?

4) How many images do you retouch? What are the charges to retouch more?

5) Does the disc of images, or digital files, I get contain Hi, medium, or Low res images?
What size can we print up to?

6) Will the disc have your watermark on the images?

7) Do you know what angles to shoot (or NOT shoot) from if I’m slightly
plump or have larger builds in my pictures?

8) Natural light…Do you know how to shoot indoors with and WITHOUT a
flash? I don’t want shadows or red-eye in the Church or reception!

9) Do you know how to handle “blinkers” or “squinters”?

10) How many images do you actually edit? What are the charges to
edit more?

11) Will you show me an entire gallery from a wedding that you’ve shot?

12) Do you give instruction on how to pose or move?

13) My venue is a Church and they have a restriction on photographer’s not being allowed in the sanctuary during ceremonies (or they’re allowed only behind the last row of pews).  Is this a problem for you?

14) What kinds of professional products do you offer to help me display my images around our new home?

15) What’s your turnaround time?

16) Do you travel? How far? Have passport, will travel? Travel fees?

17) If I have family and friends who want images are you equipped to handle their orders so I don’t get stuck with the bill, and ordering all of those images?

18) Will we work out a contract with you to keep us all accountable (i.e. make sure you’ll be there, or if something happens to you someone similar to your style will cover our wedding)?

Once you have these answers review the ENTIRE wedding gallery they link you to CAREFULLY!  *If they don’t, won’t, or “can’t” provide you with an entire wedding gallery they’ve captured and edited….RUN!

Do people look professionally posed or awkward?  They may say they edit every image, but do they all look cohesive…do they all look edited the same way?  If not are you OK with that edit/not edit style?  

If you’re wanting more “candid” images, and they have mostly “smile and look at the camera” images you may want to keep looking, and vice versa if you want more traditional “poses” or “mom shots”.Angela-Jacob-Backyard-Athens-Wedding-BraskaJennea-Photography_0048.jpg

NOTE: Some photographers may say they retouch, but look at close-ups of the bride and groom specifically.  Are their pores deep, dark, and harsh? Do they have dark bags under their eyes…I call them “laugh bags”? Yellow teeth? Blemishes? Stretch marks? Red Eyes? Harsh shadows or strong orange or yellow casts in the indoor shots? Are the images straight or crooked? Glasses glare? And so on. Ask yourself “AM I OK WITH THAT?”

Not every professional photographer is an editing and retouching freak like me…it’s not their style, or maybe they don’t know how yet. And to each their own, but make sure you’re not expecting super smooth, flawless skin, and white teeth when they only do color and b&w editing. Make sure you’re not expecting slimming angles for fluffier frames when the skinny frames in their gallery look wide.


Why do I urge every Bride to ask these questions  Well….If you don’t ask you have no right to be upset later.  Of course we put our best work out front for the world to see, who doesn’t?  It’s the actual full Monty of a recent wedding that will speak VOLUMES. So, ask and review, and above all have PEACE about your decisions.

Weddings are meant to be fun, so make sure you’re going to be able to relive that fun AFTER the fact…through your images!

Happy Wedding Planning & Rock ON!

-Braska Jennea

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Dear Wedding Guest – An Open Letter – Wedding Planning Advice

Dear Wedding Guest,


Allow me to introduce myself.  I am a Professional Wedding Photographer.  Your dearest friends or family searched diligently for me, basically interviewed me, then hired me.

This will probably offend you, rub you the wrong way, maybe even make you a tab bit angry.  Welcome to my world.  Allow me to educate you on a growing problem, one that you, and only you, can stop.  I’ve resolved to keep it more REAL and RAW this year.  Tip toeing hasn’t worked, so maybe some to the point blunt-ness will.

You see Brides and Grooms have invested thousands in not only this day, my services most specifically, as once everything is done, the glitter has settled, and the sparkler smoke dissipates, my images will be all that is left to remember this day by.  Please allow me to do my job.

Even if the couple doesn’t insist, post signage, or have the ushers and minister advise everyone to keep their devices off because this is one of those AWESOME new trends of “An Unplugged Wedding” act like it is.

You may think this is not new news, you know who I am because you see my equipment and I trying valiantly to as silently as possible traverse the ceremony, so why am I writing you this letter?

You see I’ve been planning weddings and floral designing for them since 2001.  The last 6 have been spent capturing these one shot moments for Brides and Grooms.  Needless to say I’ve been to a LOT of weddings.  I’ve been to close to 75 just as a guest, then I’ve been in about a half-dozen.  I’ve seen it all.

Your behavior though in most recent years is what is so disconcerting…increasingly troubling.  Thus the reason for this letter.

Hear me out, I’m not angry, I can’t stop you from ruining your friend’s or family’s wedding images.  When they ask later why this image isn’t included I’ll show them, explain to them how you ruined it, and that I couldn’t salvage it so it wound up in the unusable pile on the culling room floor. (Photog speak for best image selection process)  I can do A LOT with Photoshop…unfortunately accounting for every.single.rude.thing. you can do to ruin an image isn’t one of them.

Somehow we’ve shifted from a society that respects a solemn occasion where everyone sits politely through the ceremony, actually engaging in the ceremony through their undivided attention, to something more resembling a paparazzi frenzy at the latest red carpet event.

These actions that in far too many cases literally RUIN our one chance at our Bride’s “must have” shot.  And for what?  A horrible, grainy, slightly blurry, iPhone image you stuck your arm into the aisle to catch then slapped a filter on because that’ll make it better? An image where the flash on your new camera shouldn’t have ever fired, which was probably banned anyway by the venue, which I abided by/am equipped to handle, but no not you.  Rules don’t apply to you it seems.

Left: the @BraskaJennea Instagram image taken the day of, Right: The actual camera image they'll have for life.  Note the iPhone's grainy images and orange lighting in the Church Sanctuary.
Left: the @BraskaJennea Instagram image taken the day of, Right: The actual camera image they’ll have for life. Note the iPhone’s grainy images and orange lighting in the Church Sanctuary.

You had to have that image so badly you accidentally flashed the bride so brightly as she passed that not only in your image does she look like a ghost, but in my paid for, professional, image she’s now wearing “white out”.  There’s no recovering from a “white out” spill ya’ll!

Yes, I’m talking about your blatant disregard for the sanctity of the ceremony, and the duties of those who’ve been entrusted, PAID, to capture the day.  On what planet would the iPhone image quality above on the left be worth ruining a B&G’s professional images for?

Then of course there’s your unexplainable urge to shoot over my shoulder during family formals.  Thank you so much for creating “shifty eyes” as people struggle (though I don’t know why they struggle…my camera is bigger, and I’m clearly the professional so they should only look into MY lens but I digress) to choose which camera to look at.  I appreciate the extra work I’ll now have to do to face swap in with another image, hopefully, where they were looking at me in.  Thank you for that.

As for after the ceremony that too is all too often a “feeding frenzy” as the first ant to the picnic wants “Just one picture”, then the next ant shows up, and then there’s a whole “Receiving line” of ants wanting to take “just one”.  To quote the popular YouTube lady “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!”.

We’re on a TIGHT schedule. We’re fighting available day light 99% of the time, and you, being the star of this day, obviously, just HAD to have that “ONE” image.  Thank you for robbing the Bride and Groom of the best light for their portraits.  They’ll cherish your “ONE” over their images together, I’m sure.

Thank you for your grumbling also during the cocktail hour or reception, that my second shooter overheard you annoyed, and loudly, proclaiming “Well I guess the photographer just thinks it’s all about them huh?”, “Good grief I’m starving!  How long does it take to take a few pictures?”, “Well since I’m never going to see them because they think pictures are more important than greeting guests I’m leaving. I don’t have all day to wait around at a wedding.”

Really.  We hear you. Thank you for once again proving you think you are the center of this day.  I’m glad to know the beautiful magnitude of this man and this woman following suit in matrimony isn’t wasted on you. ;) (That’s a whole lot of sarcasm…in case you haven’t picked up on it already.  Ha!)

YES, you are literally the bottom priority of this day.  Seriously.  Yes, I just said that.  The LAST priority on a wedding day is the guest.  You are there for them, they are NOT there for you!  Now, before you go off in a tizzy that that’s rude, you “gave up your Saturday”, bought them a gift, etc… let me explain.

On a traditional wedding day the pecking order goes like this:

FIRST, and I mean ABSOLUTELY TOP PRIORITY, are the BRIDE AND GROOM.   I don’t care if you sit there 2hrs because the Bride wants “Oh just this one last shot”…we’re doing it.  I don’t really run this show you see…the groom doesn’t either, trust me he’d probably rather be right there with at the reception talking smack about “how much longer”…the Bride is the one cruising this ship, I’m just along to capture the ride. You can chill.  Pop another shrimp cocktail, toss back a beer, and socialize. We’ll be there literally as soon as we can! (Hey, in most cases we haven’t eaten all day….or drank anything…we’re ready for the reception before the ceremony!)

Next is the Ceremony.  Without it you wouldn’t be here at all.

Post Ceremony the Family comes in third place today, via Family formals.  We’re not really a fan of them wither….trust me….but they’re an absolute MUST for Weddings.  You HAVE to have pictures with His family, Her family, and BOTH together as they are now one family. And of course all the sections of those families as requested by the B&G.

Maybe hate is a strong word, they’re simply just the hardest images of the day to capture.  You see we know most of the people in them don’t want to be there…”I hate having my picture made”, “I’m starving! Can we cut this short?”, “How many more?”, “UGH! I just sat down!” We hear it all, and have to happily photograph faces that rather read of a funeral than a wedding.

Alas, we must all power through.  These images WILL be framed.  If no other images get framed, the family formals will.be.framed!  Gifted to grandma, mailed to aunt Sue in Denver, proudly displayed in dad’s office. These images MINIMUM take 15 minutes…and that’s for small families.  For larger families, or Moms wanting images with extended family who came in for the wedding, we’re looking at a good half hour Max.

From there it’s the Bridal Party’s place in line.  They’ve invested a ton of time and money to stand beside their boy, or their girl, they too were hand chosen to help rock this day.  They’ve stood in broiling sun in 3 piece suits or floor length gowns, they’ve dabbed sweat, fixed hair and make-up, they’ve walked and stood in painful shoes for longer than their feet care to remember anytime soon.

While you were sitting comfortably in a chair or pew, they stood, probably in pain because they didn’t want to tell their Bride the shoes she just LOVED for their dresses made their feet want to bleed…and they’ve been standing for quite a while on this day already.  They deserve killer images with their friends now too.  Sadly they only get about 10-15 minutes as we’re trying our hardest to make the reception ASAP.

Finally it’s back to the first priority I mentioned above.  After everyone is dismissed (read: out-of-the-way ;) ) it’s FINALLY time for these newlyweds to get their images…the most important images of the day.  This IS THEIR moment.  These are the prizes of the day. What they’ve waited for.

Thankfully many Brides and Grooms are opting to do “First Looks” to knock all pictures out before (barring family portraits unless everyone can there in time beforehand), but still here in the South superstition reigns, so don’t get comfortable that every wedding will have receptions immediately following because you assume they went the First Look route. It’s about 50/50.

Once we wrap those most important portraits then, and only then, is it almost your time.

Before you still reside the First Dance, Father Daughter Dance, Mother Son Dance, and hopefully them actually grabbing a bite of the delicious cake and food they’ve spent so much bank on!

FINALLY it’s YOUR time.  See, last priority of the day.  Socializing with guests. That’s actually what receptions were for!  Did you know that?  The purpose of the reception is for guests to celebrate with the new Bride and her Groom. That’s the time to go photo crazy.  That’s what that time was set aside for. To rejoice with the couple in their new life together!

My job is to capture this day. Not yours. You’re a bonus. I’ve been the “bonus” before. But I promise you back then I never would’ve dreamed to treat a photographer like you all treat us now.  The audacity with which you place your own want for a picture before that of the Bride and Groom’s images.

You’re literally leaning, or STANDING, in front of us IN.THE.AISLE., sticking your arms out, holding your phone, iPAD, even camera over your head, with no regard for the Bride and Groom’s images they’ve invested so much in having captured professionally. (Now, even if a friend or family member who’s new/”building a portfolio” is shooting you still should offer them the same respect…they’re new…they don’t need anything else making this already insanely difficult job any harder!)

You’re taking them by the hand, forcing them to take a picture with you as we’re trying to complete their portraits with “it’ll only take a second”, and they never want seem rude so they oblige.

So, I urge you to please control yourselves. Leave your camera at home, or in the car until the reception, turn your phones off and keep them in your purse or pocket.  Trust me they’d rather see your FACE in their images as she’s coming down the aisle than that iPhone, tablet, or camera….plus you just look strange!

PLEASE, for the love of everything beautiful and right with weddings, remember you’re JUST.A.GUEST!  It’s not about you!  It’s about them, it’s about their memories captured forever by the person they’re paying to capture them professionally.  Go crazy at the reception, but before then help me help them.  Be a FACE not a device in their moments.  Most of all JUST BE PRESENT, help them celebrate, and help me (and my fellow photographers) give them only the most emotionally beautiful memories we all can…unimpeded!

Undeniably some of you will still think you’re going to save the day with your second-hand images, so you can win some imaginary game of “I got it first”/(more like you got it worst) so that in mind here’s a list of Wedding etiquette Guidelines to preserve the B&G’s one shot deal memories:

1)  My Brides and Groom’s families and friends get this pep talk after the rehearsal, here it is for the whole world to use.  “Treat the aisle like a roller coaster.  Keep all arms, legs, heads, electronic devices inside the row at ALL times. I’m looking through a lens, normally a telephoto, I CANNOT see you when I’m tracking the stars of this show through it. Be warned: if you’re leaning in, sticking out, etc…  I’m not responsible for what may happen when I pass you and you disregard this common sense rule.

2) Act like your camera or phone hits a wall everytime it tries to come above your shoulders.  If we can’t see it, we can see you, and they’d rather see you than your device! Do not, I repeat DO NOT, hold it up to your face during any of the major moments where you’ll be seen (i.e. Bride coming in, rings, kiss, coming back down the aisle, etc….)

3) KILL YOUR FLASH!  It won’t do you any good from the distance you’re sitting anyway, except to blind the Bride and “white out” her dress.  Put your finger over it just to make sure it won’t pop up.

4) WAIT! Save it for the reception.  You’re not allowed to steal my poses and lighting ideas.  It’s poor taste to interrupt the couple to be needy anyway, and you eating up their prime time lighting we’ve scheduled is.not.cool.

5) If the B&G don’t follow to the reception or cocktail hour they’re DOING PHOTOS!  Chill.  Enjoy the reception music or cocktail hour (if there is one, there’s a reson it’s called an HOUR) because at minimum shooting family, bridal party, and Bride and Groom takes 45 minutes for small families, and that’s only giving about 15 minutes to the B&G…don’t they derserve more than that?  My B&G’s are told to expect no less than an HOUR!  The B&G need a good 30 minutes at least when no First Look is done.

6) Finally RELAX.  This is not.your.day!   If you get zero images for yourself that’s ok! It’s not about you!  Just eat some cake, chug come sweet tea or some punch, and wait patiently until the images they’ve paid me to capture are ready.

Party on party people!  Let’s rock some weddings in 2015!






Good-bye 2014! Hello New Year!


It’s exciting reliving where all I’ve been this year, and the breathtaking sites God has let me witness…and capture.

The people He’s let me meet, the lessons He’s taught me, the promises He’s made me, the loves and lives I’ve been chosen to photograph to capture small parts of their Legacies.

I’m so beyond thankful for the lives He’s led into mine, the people I’ve been able to impact, but mostly the blessed people He’s used to impact me.

I can truly say 2014 was a year of change. Heartaches, pain, growth, loss, unexpected additions, new dreams, putting old dreams to rest so new ones can be born, and a new calling on the horizon that still scares me to death.

When trying to sum up how I feel about saying good-by to 2014, and hello to 2015, there’s ONE image that plays on repeat.

It’s an image that, at the time, no one, not even myself, would know just how poinant it would become.

Lauren and Trent stood out on a bluff, overlooking the Chattanooga Lookout Valley, just as the sun was setting, staring out into the vast beauty, but yet great unknown of all that lies before them.

Symbolism. Stunning symbolism. It’s the image that sums up all my feelings of one year out, and another one in. Staring straight ahead, eyes fixed on the feet of Jesus, His warmth and light guiding my path.

So, CHEERS to a New Year! May yours be more than you ever dreamed, and may blessings flow to you and yours everyday!Lauren-Trent-Chattanooga-Lookout-Mountain-Engagment-BraskaJennea-Photography_0035.jpg

What is “Boudoir”? – BraskaJennea Tastefully Seductive Boudoir Photography – Boudoir Model Session

Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0020

First things first.  If images of women in lingerie offend you….I hope you don’t watch T.V., or take pictures of yourself in a bathing suit or workout gear.  This also may not be the post for you.

I photograph Boudoir.  I am a devout Christian. And YES, I absolutely photograph Boudoir. Tastefully Seductive Boudoir.  I capture wives, or engaged women for their Groom to Be’s Wedding gift, in lingerie.

Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0014

“WHAT?”, “How can you do that?”, “That’s not something a Christian wife should be doing”, “That’s not something you should be photographing”, “That’s PORN!”.  WRONG!

I hear this kind of tripe all.the.time. I let it roll off.  These insecure, uneducated, women don’t know me.  They don’t know my relationship with Christ.  They definitely don’t know what true Boudoir is…mostly because it’s been warped and twisted over the years.

They don’t know how truly Christian the ART of Boudoir can be.  What I’m going to share today is something I’ve never shared before.  Something I wrestled with until recently.  Until this voice whispered to me….”If you don’t show my daughters how beautiful they can be, how I created them, how their husband’s see them, and not the flawed version they envision, or force themselves to see in the mirror, who will?”

So, tonight there’s a new moon rising here on the BJP blog, and it’s an entire boudoir session.  Yes you read that right!  Not a mini inside a hotel or bed and breakfast, but a full session…an outdoor session on private, secluded property.  Not a face cropped out, select few images, but a model, a real wife, who’s husband even agreed to have her be my model.

This is only one.  There will be at least two more in 2015.  Because understandably it takes a LOT of confidence to even let your cropped out head image be shown to the masses in a merketing board, it’s a whole other ballgame letting a whole session be seen, and my girls know that none of their images, cropped or not, will ever be seen unless they tell me to use them!

I’m sure I’m going to stir up the hen house….but before you criticize, or jump on the “Christian wife protecting her husband” band wagon, know this  I’ve prayed over this, agonized over this, and “protecting” your husband’s mind/eyes isn’t my job…that’s an impossible task for anyone except Jesus…because he sees far worse than this every.single.day, numerous times of the day, and this isn’t for him.  It’s for YOU.  It’s for my sisters in Christ.

Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0009

This post is for you, sitting there thinking of something to get your husband of 2, 10, 35 years for Valentine’s or his birthday, or your anniversary.  Thinking of ways to “spice things up in the bedroom” as one of my clients (one of many preacher’s wives/clients mind you) put it.  Thinking that child rearing has “ruined” your body, or there’s “no way” anyone could ever photograph you to where you think you’re truly beautiful. I’m talking to YOU!

It’s sad I have to defend something as beautiful as what I do, but unfortunately too many of my sisters have been shamed and disgraced into so much “modesty” and body shaming they feel even posing for a female photographer in LINGERIE for her HUSBAND is in some way “dirty” or “immodest”!  That’s just incorrect information.

He’s YOUR HUSBAND.  Once you put that wedding band on, your body became his, his became yours, and he’s definitely seen you wearing less than lingerie.  So, no, there’s nothing “immodest” or “dirty” about it at all. It.is.BEAUTIFUL!

Here’s the deal.  Boudoir isn’t about nudity.  Nudity would in fact make it pornography.  Boudoir is about capturing a woman in a beautiful, sexy, tasteful and seductive way, wearing lingerie, his sports jersey, his tie or dress shirt, his uniform, using props from his favorite hobby, donning your favorite heels, that nightie you haven’t worn since your honeymoon night, etc…  Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0024

Boudoir is about being able to minister to her insecurities, to lift her spirits, pull that inner diva from within, pose, angle, and stretch her so that she FEELS exactly as her husband sees her…perfect. BEAUTIFUL. DESIREABLE, and did I say…PERFECT!  When done professionally and right, there’s not even any nudity needed.  ;)

God has truly given me a passion and heart for Boudoir Photography.  “How do you know?” Honestly if it wasn’t for Him, being able to see His daughters as He sees them/us, I’d be SO EMBARRASED, and that awkardness and embarrasment would show to my clients…and in their final images.

These are initmate moments.  And while no nudity shows in the images, there are definitely moments when photographing in lingerie that the “naughty bits” get seen. He gifted me with a personality to make anyone feel welcome, and a sense of humor that I can see through the lens puts even the most unconfident, skeptical, wifey at ease.  Whether she’s a size 2 or a 22, every woman is beautiful, and they can be photographed as such…and gorgeously in lingerie!  I’ve done it ;)

I’ve been photographed fully clothed, and I’ve been as uncomfortable and awkward feeling as you could possibly feel…boudoir is not the time or place for that.  I want my lovelies to walk away from their images feeling empowered, radiant, beautiful, and yes…SEXY!

I won’t lie, I’ll take credit for a few “Boudoir Babies” over the years ;) You know you hit a homerun when their husbands take the time to send you thank you texts or emails!  HAHA!

So, for 2015 there will be more Bourdoir sessions.  These are too near and dear to my heart to continually take a twice a year seat for just mini sessions. That being said…the 3rd Annual Valentine’s Day “Wifey’s Day Out” Boudoir Bash will commence Saturday January 10th. It’ll be the best one to date, that’s for sure!  Engaged? Married? Then e-mail me here to get in on the party!

Professional Editing AND Retouching, Professional Prints or Leather Album, Bombshell Hair and Make-up, a GLAMourous Portrait in a stunning dress or top that you can use for your headshot/profile portrait, and whooooole mess of FUN.  Bring a sister or a girlfriend for an extra kick of motivation, hey book a session back to back with her, and hit the town afterward feeling like a million bucks…fully clothed of course ;)

You won’t be sorry! 2015 Boudoir Bash Marketing Board

And now, as promised, the rest of my Boudoir Wifey Model’s Session!  This.could.be.YOU!Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0000 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0001 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0002 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0004 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0005 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0006 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0007 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0008 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0010 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0011 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0012 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0013 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0015 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0016 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0017 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0018 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0019 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0020 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0021 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0022 Boudoir Model - BraskaJennea Photography_0023

See…no nudity involved!

First Dance Lyric Canvas – Newly Engaged Advice – New Year, New Bride to Be Wedding Planning 101


Hello Brides to Be! Here’s a Beautiful BJP Incentive to hopefully get your attention!

Read on to find out how you can get this stunning $400 16×24 Professional Canvas Gallery Wrap with your First Dance Lyrics as your very own….A gift from BJP to you this January!

BJP Studio Wedding Products - BraskaJennea Photography-2

In talking to my Pro Wedding friends we’re noticing a disturbing trend for 2015 Weddings…Brides booking their venues, and then stopping there. Not going ahead and booking the top level, most important vendors, and setting up the budget/payment plans to get everything paid…without a last minute budget blow.  Not to mention the dream shattered of having the memories captured on the big day like those Pinterest Board images flittering around in your dreams.

It’s happened so many times it makes me cringe…that e-mail 3-4 months before the wedding date searching for a photographer. Then the inevitable “We’d absolutely LOVE to have you, but just can’t come up with $$$$ in so little time.”


You just got that ring, plan ahead so you don’t get Vendor heartbroken! Book as soon as you know your date…and ask about payment options. You can read more about why it’s important to book early here.  Honestly though last minute bookings can be charged “Rush Fees”…as everything we do for our Brides over the course of 9-15 months is now time crunched, bumping our plans, and other obligations, to fit you in.

BUT there’s good news too to help soften “budget blows” (But really ya’ll budgeting a minimum of $2,500 for your Professional Wedding Photography in any market is a minimum you should just go ahead and prepare for), read on below…

Caitlyn + Brandon - Mint Springs Farm Wedding - BraskaJennea Photography-124A little freebie budget tip for you: If the venue is $2,000+, as most are even here in tiny town Tennessee, you need to at least double that budget for the only thing that will capture not only you, and the details you’re paying hundreds/thousands on that dress for, but that gorgeous venue.  The only way you’ll have to remember that precious day…and all of the money you spent making it your dream day, is through your dream Photography! Check out this popular BJP Post on Choosing Your Wedding Photographer, and what you need to know before you do so.

Now, here’s the good news!  A beautiful new trend is unfolding with Vendor Registries…you can register for products, services, even gift certificates, to help pay off your Wedding Photography!  BraskaJennea Weddings is proud to offer this exciting new Wedding Registry (Baby Registry coming soon!) for 2015 & 2016 Weddings.

SO, book early, ask about payment plans, and ask about Registries…because who needs 5 toasters when you’d rather have a stunning Professional Legacy Canvas hanging over your bed, or a few hundred dollars off your Photography Collection’s final balance?

Still hanging in, waiting with baited breath to find out how to get that GORGEOUS canvas featuring your image and your lyrics….on the house?  It’s easy!  Book your new 2015 wedding with BraskaJennea Weddings by January 31st, 2015 within 7 days of contacting us, and it’s yours… yours we say!

Happy Wedding planning lovelies!  May it be the beautiful blessed day you’ve always imagined!