The Stormy Sunset of Cleveland, TN 10/26/2010

On a hill down the road where I’m from is one of my FAVORITE views in all of Eastern Tennessee.  It’s at the Mountain View Inn.  The hotel’s name has a changed a few times over the years, but the BEAUTIFUL view remains the same!  The interstate, I-75, bustling over to the left while mountains, subdivisions, and a golf course sprawl to the right make this a unique place to take in a Sunset!  I’ve shot MANY sunsets here, and on this particular day I went to try to snap a few shots of a tornado (yes, I know I’m “crazzzy”, but do you expect anything less from someone who loves to shoot lightning? Didn’t think so!).  I didn’t get a tornado, but I did get a few AMAZING shots of a beautiful sunset on one side and right beside that a killer, HUGE, shelf cloud!  I hung around and changed positions and then got some of the most amazing storm cloud break up photos I’ve ever seen!  Here now are the beauties from my adventure!

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