*** My Blog is Under Construction ***

Ok, I’ve been dying to get my blog up and running but just don’t have the time right now to finish it and keep it updated until I get a few things added/adjusted to make posting all the photos I need to post EASY….Because unfortunately WordPress, Blogger, etc…all make it a LONG, Drawn out affair to post 1 photo…let along 20-30 at a time! SO, until then PLEASE visit my FACEBOOK Photography Fan Page to see all my latest work, happenings, etc…and hopefully before or soon after Christmas I’ll be up and blogging again in no time! 

Many thanks for following me and this addiction I call a career, hobby, and LOVE!

P.S.  If you care, a bit of handy useless useful knowledge.  Before putting your bag of un-popped popcorn in the microwave squish it around in the bag to disperse it a little (usually just beyond the creases of where the bag was folded will do because you don’t want to spread it too thin) and VOILA….You’ll get more popped popcorn and less unpopped kernals….but LISTEN for the popping to slow to 2 to 3 seconds between pops…then STOP! Nobody likes the smell of burnt popcorn!  Enjoy and You’re welcome!

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