The Snowflake Portrait!

First off let me say I know not everyone will agree with me, but after some comments on my Facebook statuses in the past few months any time there’s even a threat regarding this most beloved season of mine…Winter…and the beauty of the fluff we all call SNOW, I figured I should elaborate. 

Before I get there though let me show you what I captured…sitting at a REDLIGHT…one snowy evening!  It may be a little blurry (hey, cut me some slack, I was in a running car, and I was so excited seeing what was falling, and praying the light would stay red a little longer, that I’m sure my camera and I were moving more than normal when shooting, so to not have a tripod handy and to throw down some random manual settings on my Canon 5D Mark II to TRY and capture what I was seeing…well… I think I did pretty well!)

YES! I took this!

Simplest explanation: It shows me Jesus’ death all over again and the power it had! SNOW, a pure, white, beautiful and clean gift from Heaven above comes to grace us with it’s a presence only a few times in the Winter, and I for one CHERISH every.single.flake!

Why? Think about after a good 2-3 inches of that powder how QUIET, how CLEAN, how new EVERYTHING looks??? I mean, I only know of SNOW that makes a trash can look clean and pretty, or how it turns something as dirty, used, trashed, mundane, and overlooked as a roadway into a beautiful wonderland! Everything is white…”washed white as snow!”, details pop out that we normally never see! Snow shows us just what Jesus’ blood on the Cross did for us!!! How could you not love such a simple God-given reminder as that…and especially on the day of the year we gather with friends and family to Celebrate the miraculous, PURE, birth of the one who came as a poor fleshly being from the Glory of Heaven above to this dirty low place we call home…for now?

I know it un-nerves those who have to get out in it, and for reasons beyond my comprehension it doesn’t bother me to get out and drive in it…when of course it is safe…as even I know there are times when you must just stay home! I’m probably the only crazy person who LOVES to get out in and drive around the 1st instant I have to do so!!!  I’ll even stay up all night long to watch it pile up, and just to be the 1st one out in the gorgeous, undisturbed, silence early in the morning! 

I’ve never been one who likes to have their travel plans changed or delayed, but I’ve always noticed when something happens and I can’t leave as I intended or I’m delayed, no matter how upset I get, whenever I do leave I undoubtedly see an accident along the side of the road, someone who hit a deer, etc.. and this little voice speaks to me…”See what I kept you from?”, and my anger eventually subsides realizing there was a purpose! “I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe in GOD-incidences” was a fave saying of one of my favorite Pastor’s! And ever since I heard that, no matter how hard it is sometimes to swallow, I always try to see the God part of it! So, when I happen to get snowed in, or rained in, or my A/C in the car goes out and it’s 100 degrees out and there’s no breeze to speak of and I have to stay inside instead of get out and drive around, I try to think of what all God is keeping me from! HE gives me peace when I pray about whether or not to leave at a certain time, or during weather conditions not conducive to easy travel, and especially when I’m heading out to the mountains knowing there’s snow or ice there, and if I don’t have COMPLETE peace about it, I don’t go! Some criticize me for saying that for one reason or another, “stubborn” is what it’s most often called by those who love me most, but they don’t know what it feels like when He gives me that peace! That’s what I have when I’m driving in the snow….PEACE! “For I did not give you a spirit of fear”!  Pure, clean, beautiful PEACE fills me looking at the slowing silence that His white, crystalline, magical beauty and wonder creates!  It’s not what WE want…it’s about what HE wants!  If it happens I can’t make it to my granny’s to see my family, then it’s all good because it’s just not what I was supposed to do, there’s always a reason, I  may not know why, but “still I will trust You, Lord!”

 What other thing in this world makes everyone and everything look pure, clean and NEW? “Nothing but the blood of Jesus” as the old song goes! “Oh precious is the flow…that makes me white as SNOW…no other fount I know….NOTHING but the blood of JESUS!” The symbolism is there, HE creates it and sends it, and it has been written to help us remember even when just the sweet sight isn’t enough to remind us! So, this Christmas Day, should we actually get a “White Christmas”, I urge you to ignore the inconvenience and just marvel at it’s beauty and remind yourself and those around you of how HE came to do to us, what the Snow does to everything surrounding us…despite His inconvenience! What better present to give HIM, who gave it all, than your soul to make “white as Snow“ if you haven’t already!?!?

 THIS is why I LOOOOOVE IT!!!  This is why I hope I’ll still be running out in it barefooted when I’m 80! It makes my heart smile, always has, and I hope and think it always will!

 If you don’t agree that’s your deal, this is mine! And…this is my page! LOL

4 thoughts on “The Snowflake Portrait!

  1. Hi from a fellow WordPresser and believer in Christ! Saw you made FreshlyPressed and just had to congratulate you! Thank you for the beautiful winter pics! Up here in Michigan we see a lot of this snow stuff, and I too love it! Thanks too for your fine testimony to our Lord and Savior – and for pointing out the beauty of what we see in God’s gift of snow! Keep up the good work!


  2. What a wonderful post and picture! I find snow annoying because of the danger with driving, but everytime I see freshly falling snow, I think of Isiah: “Come let us reason together says the LORD. Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be like wool; though they be as crimson, they shall be as white as snow.” 😀


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