E-Session in Memphis!

I met Stephanie through my old roommate Carrie and it was on from there!  We hit it off, and I just love her!  She’s truly sweet, and loves life, Jesus, and helping those who can’t help themselves!  I’d never met her hunny as soon after her graduation from MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN she moved back to Memphis…where she met Matthew!  She told me their engagement story over some real authentic Memphis BBQ the night of our shoot and I have to say it’s rather cute!  She had her eye on him at Church, a friend of hers wanted to set her up with a guy from Church, but she was hesitant as she liked this other fellow she didn’t really know.  She agreed reluctantly, and as fate would have it it was her eye candy all along and neither knew it!  I don’t remember much about his perspective on their meeting or how he felt about her (hey I was LOVING the mac n cheese and BBQ in front of me) except that he said “yeah, I just knew she was the girl with the really LOUD hiccup!”  Let me tell you…not a minute after he said that the hiccup made it’s appearance scaring my friends/assistants who’d accompanied me to Memphis for the day…and some people down the way!  It was hysterical and we all cracked up….crazy glances and all!

Now, for their engagement story here’s the short version of it.  He took her all around the city to different sites, my personal fave was The Peabody Hotel, that I’d never been to but always heard so much about, and finally stopped in front of their favorite place, and site of their 1st date if I’m not mistaken… The Orpheum Theatre where he dropped to one knee and asked her to be his wife!   Here now are some of the photos…it’s so hard to narrow it down to just a few but I’ll try!

Also, this was “Connie” my new Canon 5D Mark II’s maiden voyage….and WOW….I couldn’t have dreamed the beauty it could capture even with as much as I’d read and seen about it!  

Click on the thumbnails below to view larger image.


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