The BEST of 2010: A Natural Portrait of Tennessee

This is where I live!  This is my home state, where I’ve grown up!  I’ve been all the way to the West of it, check out “E-Session in Memphis” for photos from my recent trip there, up to Bristol, and all the way down to the Ocoee along the Eastern side of our beautiful tri-divided state!  We have an East, Middle and West to out little state!  I lived in Middle Tennessee for almost 5 years, and fell in love with Nashville!  But my heart will always be in the hills of East TN, hills that cannot be matched anywhere else in our fair state! As one of my long time friends recently said “I think Heaven will be in East Tn!”  I’m inclined to hope! hahaha!  If you ever wish to travel anywhere in the south my personal suggestions are Tellico Plains, for “Bald River Falls” and “Indian Boundary”, Reliance, TN (where the movie “Deliverance” was filmed…and yes…if you ever hear banjos….RUN…or “paddle faster!” LOL!  If it’s warm then you must hit up the wonderous Ocoee River…world class rapids baby!  Then of course there’s my loves “Cades Cove” and Gatlinburg, TN…no not just the beautiful little “ski town” carved in to the mountains by the “Ober Gatlinburg” folks years ago, but the actual Great Smokey Mountains National Park you’ll hit when you go through the town!

You’ll undoubtedly see numerous photos from my absolute FAVORITE road in the whole stinkin state…”Newfound Gap Road” or US441 on the map!  If you’re wanting to travel it in the Winter however then you better hit up the Road Condition Hotline via 865-436-1200 or the website “Temporary Road & Facilities Closures”. The 1st photos below are actually from a trip I took up there last week, the rest are some of my favorites from this past year….especially the last 2 panormas from the Blue Ridge Parkway back in May of this year…you should take a drive on that too one day….and bring shoes for a “quick” hike at the top/rest area…trust me…it’s worth the trip but man I wish I’d had real shoes that day…I mean, I LOVE me some flip flops, but dang, hiking sure is HARD in them! LOL!

FYI: Any of my photos are available for purchase….but please be kind and don’t copy or “steal” them! Many Thanks!

Please leave some comments or share with your friends/family if you like what you see!  I want as many people as possible to see the BEAUTY that is my Tennessee!

No the vehicle was NOT moving when I shot this! 🙂
It made me smile to see the little ice rings around the rocks!
Can you "C" why the left image is awesome? And the right one is just "streamy"!
ICICLES GALOREAn ice wall of the left and only 1900+ Miles to Maine on the right....Appalchain Trailhead!


Tree Tops and Sky! I LOVE beautiful skies...and CLOUDS of all kinds!

Photos where you can see where you're going and where you've been are something special to me! And with this one it's like "There's always light at the end of the tunnel"!
I see the moon and the moon sees me! MAN OH MAN I LOOOVE MY 5DMKII! No tripod...just my car...holding it!!
I went to Cades Cove beginning of Nov. to try and catch snow and Fall color...mission accomplished!
The rustic old fence was the perfect addition to the snowy sunset!
Fire on the Mountains...Nope...that's why they're the "Great Smokey Mtns"
Icy drops on the grass with that amazing sunset color in the background and the's MAGIC!
MY FAVORITE!!!! Fall and Winter in ONE photo!! Breathtaking!!
"Sugar" coated tress and does feeding! God's country! 🙂
"BOO! You can't shoot me!" Note her snowy nose!
A doe, snow, and Fall color....who could ask for anything more!!!
GORGEOUS isn't he!!
He's an older Buck, a fighter too by the looks of it, and the snow covered grass and fall leaves behind him just don't look real....but I promise...IT 100% IS!
Wish I knew someone who could get Cades Cove to buy this...PERFECT post card, calendar, image!!!
UN-REAL! Oh how I loved this whole entire day!!!
He took off....I still can't believe it turned out this fantastic....everything else is blurred but his face is in full focus! LOVE!
Now that's an engagemnt photo! I've always LOVED this Courthouse, and the sky on this FREEZING Winter's day was PERFECT!
The silhoutte with a sunset is sort of my trademark/favorite image....I wonder why!?
"WHAT THA WHAT!" Is what I squeled when we rounded the corner after the engagement shoot...we snapped a few of them with it, and then I went crazzzy! Can you blame me?
And the full view looked like this! UN-BE-LIEVABLE! Right down to the moon in the top left corner!!
The way Groomsmen photos were meant to be...Mansions, and clouds oh my!
Yes! *Groomsmen Shot of the YEAR* right here! Storming all around but not behind them! Wicked cool!
Ahhhh the Blue Ridge Parkway!!! B.E.AUTIFUL! Great on my wall in a 12x36 print!
From absolutely GLOOMY to absolutely GORGEOUS is how our hike went that day! SO glad we went...even though I had to do it in FLIP FLOPS because hiking was NOT on the agenda...worth the blister tho! LOL! NOTE: You can see the road from the North Carolina side you're looking at now, and the far right is the "rest area/welcom center" we parked at! Too cool!

11 thoughts on “The BEST of 2010: A Natural Portrait of Tennessee

  1. I absolutely LOVE your photos- beautiful! Such an incredible way to tell a story. Thanks for posting on my site yesterday, I love that you commented on what it is like to be freshly pressed. I had no idea, it has been a bit overwhelming but absolutely amazing to connect with people all over the country and the world!! I am glad that I found your blog, I will be back regularly. Such a great talent =)


  2. I lived in Knoxville for 15 years. Circumstances dictated that I move from the most beautiful place in the world to the dullest – Dallas, Texas! These pictures of my favorite mountains make me very, very homesick! They truly capture the very essence of the area.


  3. i love it!!! really nice,,,
    so amazing pics.
    i love snow more than anything in this life
    and i love christmas more than everything in this world…


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