Going out with a BANG…My picks for Best of the Best!

The time has come! A recap of MY favorite images from my 2010 shoots!!! I narrowed down to 550 and then picked thru them even more from there…I wanted to try and keep it under a 100 but there was just no way I could with so much photographic goodness to pick from! So, here now for your viewing pleasure is “The BEST of BraskaJennea Photography’s Best!”

Let the FUN begin!!! What a year it’s been! 6 weddings and close to 65 Portrait sessions, 40 some odd collages, and now I’ve launched my New BLOG, and my website is down for an overhaul to kick off 2011 with a BANG! To say I’ve been anything less than BLESSED this year would be stupid of me because from Him this gift of Photography came and from Him can it be taken away!! I pray that Never happens, but what will be will be!

I want to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you who’ve referred your friends and family to me, and most importantly trusted me and my vision for your portraits! It’s been an honor and I can’t wait for all 2011 will bring! With you all my true devotees, and Jesus by my side there’s NOTHING I cannot do! I’m dreaming bigger than ever and believing big things are going to happen!

Here now are some of the BEST Images from 2010 according to me! I’ll be posting several a day over the next week, and hope to be done By New Years Eve! These are in no apparent order, and again they are MY personal Best of the Best!


Please leave some comments, hit the share button, Subscribe to me, and tell your friends! I look forward to 2011 and meeting and shooting many more new and past clients/FRIENDS!

Butterfly in flight!

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