Welcome Joshua! Baby & Nursing BEAUTY to behold!

I shot Joel & Courtney’s maternity photos back in the Fall, and when Joshua was born she said she DEF. wanted newborn pictures of him. Well, illness hit their home of now 3 handsome boys so we had to reschedule….a few times! But the day finally came and I loaded up my in-home studio setup and got on the road headed to their house! There was a lot of snow still covering the ground so I was already loving that, and I was pumped about shooting this new fella and his wonderful family.

Now, let me back track a minute. When we were talking about what all she wanted for the shoot a few months ago, Courtney asked me a question I’d never been asked before! (I LOVE those btw!) “How do you feel about taking some “tasteful” nursing shots?  I want something “artsy and beautiful”!” “I’m all about it!” was my reply! How exciting!!! Something I’ve ALWAYS considered to be a beautiful, precious moment between mother and child I was going to capture!!! Can you say FIRST? AWESOME!! It was a big first, to be included in something that sweet and usually private….I was, and still am, elated!!!!!!

So, here now is the beauty of a new baby, and the beauty that is the way God intended it to be! And yes, before you ask I did get her approval to post such intimate beauty, and as she said ” I have absolutely NO PROBLEM with you using any of them 🙂 I have no shame in feeding my baby and sharing it the way God intended it to be.” Goodness I LOVE this woman, her family, her spirit, and sheer beauty…inside and out!! Here’s to you Courtney and Joel for trusting me with such special moments!!

***Please note: If nursing portraits offend you then this post probably isn’t for you! But like she said they are indeed “tasteful” and if I do say so myself…VERY Artsy! So, you’ve been warned! And if they do “offend” you, I also hope the sight of celebs or models breasts offend you too…because this is how they were intended!!! 🙂 ***

Thanks to my mother for this ADORABLE boggan!! 🙂
Isn't he lovely!?
He has beautiful BLUE eyes!! Love this photo!
It must be LOVE!
Is there anything more beautiful? I think NOT!
Be still my beating heart!
Shooooo now THAT'S MAGIC! You can't beat NATURAL light....just.not.possible!
Possibly my most FAVORITE image....EVER!! I stopped breathing when I saw this staring back at me....the light from the window just lit up his eyes, and the way he's looking at his mom....well, that's just beautiful!
There's something about it...maybe it's the lighting, maybe it's the huge smile on mom's face looking at her baby, or mybe it's HIS little grin...whatever it is tho...I LURVS IT!
OH. MY. WORD! THIS. IS. GORGEOUS!! Don't argue...you know!
OH SNAP!! The hits just keep coming! Again...you can't beat natural light!
Just cute! Don't you just want to eat him up!!!
I love how you can see the window reflecting back in his eyes....something special to me about capturing the world through his little eyes!

Daddy's hands!
mmmmm just lovely!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love this face!! like "Help meeee....I'm fallllling!!" 🙂


Thanks to ME for this boggan! my 1st! 🙂 I love love LOVE his face....like "seriously? woman! Me n you are gonna have words!" 🙂
He was not happy! He wanted his swing! But we agreed....it's still cute!!
And he lost it! But, I think there's something sweet about how everyone focused their attention on wittle brudder to try and soothe him! Have no fear tho...not 5 minutes later he was passed out happily in his swing! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Welcome Joshua! Baby & Nursing BEAUTY to behold!

  1. Braska, you are amazing! I know it helps to have such beautiful subjects – the Rapers – but incredible artistic talent is evident in all the pictures I’ve seen that you have captured! Courtney is a very dear friend of mine and I am so glad that she found you and shared with me. My family of 5 will be contacting you for outdoor spring pictures this year!


  2. Magic…that’s really the only way I can describe these photos. What a wonderful keepsake that Braska has given me. I truly cried like a baby when I laid eyes on these still moments in time. This is only the second time that professional photos have brought me to tears; the first time being after seeing my maternity pictures that she shot. Not only do I have these memories in my heart, I can now look back on the pictures and remember them forever. Braska sees the beauty in things that we may miss. This is a God given talent. How lucky are we that she can capture the beauty that surrounds us and the love of our families? Don’t miss out people. Braska is the photogragher that you need to preserve your most precious moments…like she did mine. So thank you so much Braska. I am forever thankful for your talent, your creativity and your beautiful spirit.


  3. These photos are absoloutely beautiful! Of course, this family is extra special to me and my family as my boys and their 1st two boys and mine are very close:) I have gotten to enjoy many of your wonderful photos as I go to Eastanallee Baptist with Pam:) Def want to get with you maybe this summer and do a summertime shoot of our two boys….maybe @ nana’s pool:)


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