Your BEST Wedding: Part 4: W.E.A.K. Wedding Emergency Aide Kit

Is your “WEAK” Ready? Wedding Emergency Aide Kit

Over the years of planning, floral design, decorating, and of course shooting, that I’ve done at so many weddings I’ve lost count, here’s a non-comprehensive list (there’s probably more you’ll want/need based on your individual/party’s needs/dress so feel free to add to it!)

I highly recommend hitting up the “travel size” isle at your local Wal-Mart or drug store…Then find a nice, cute bag to put them in, and a day or two before the big day take it to the location you’re going to be getting ready at and leave it there then! You don’t want to forget it in the hustle and bustle of the wedding day!!

Most of the below items are available in small travel sizes which are PERFECT for your W.E.A.K.
– BANDAIDS! (Seriously there’s a nice lil kit for a buck at Walmart!)
– Mouthwash
– Toothpaste
– Toothbrush
– Deodorant
– Shout wipes OR Tide to Go pen (Great for removal of make-up, food, tobacco, baby’s, etc…)
– Febreeze (Wonderful for the removal of smells from spilt alcohol, tobacco, baby spit-up, etc…)
– Hairspray (Anti-frizz is best)
– Baby powder (A must have for sweaty days and hose-less thighs, etc…)
– Baby wipes
– Make-Up removal towelettes
– Dental Floss or My personal fave =“Plackers” – AMAZING flossers….on a stick!
– Tissues (I suggest, if bouquet allows, for a tissue or hankie to be tucked in and hidden in the bouquet 😉
– Scissors
– Mini-Sewing kit with at least White, Ivory, Black, Brown, Navy, and color of Maid’s dresses thread
– Liners, Tamps and/or Pads
– Chapstick
– Hair brush
– Lint roller
– Cotton swabs
– Cotton rounds
– Nail polish remover
– Nail polish in tips and/or toes color
– Mini-Manicure set (trims, file, etc…)
– Tweezers
– Antacids
– Immodium
– Headache/Migraine/PMS medications
– RAZOR/Shave cream
– Invisible style tape (double stick fashion tape)
– Concealer
– Waterproof Mascara
– SOCKS for the fellas in the color they’ll need….you know someone always forgets them!
– Panty Hose (Best to have the maids, mommas, etc…buy their own backup pair and put them in the kit)
– Clean Mascara wands (found in packs in make-up section & excellent for spraying hairspray on to tame root flyaways, groom eyebrows, keep mascara from getting contaminated from multiple users, etc…)

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