A “Different” Valentine’s Gift for your hubby!

He works hard, he mows the grass, takes out the trash, runs errands when you need him to (or most of the time anyways ;-)…he’s the father of your children, and your best friend…he’s your Husband!

This is the friendly face who will capture you for your boo! ME! 🙂

I’ve always heard my married girlfriends say “I just don’t know what to get him for Valentine’s Day!”  A problem I for one have never had to ponder, but this year I was asked about something I’d never thought of doing before!   “Do you do “Boudoir” sessions?”  What a FANTASTIC idea I then thought!  Unique, CLASSY, and in most cases TOTALLY unexpected by their recipient!  I mean it’s pretty easy for fellas to pick up something for their wives….dinner, flowers, dancing, chocolates, manicures, pedicures, massages, the list goes on.  And there’s no shortage of those items thanks to the retail sector!  But….it’s slightly more difficult for wives and things to get for their hubby…unless of course they like receiving flowers and chocolates, and the like!?

So to break in to a new market that’s relatively under used in this area I introduce BraskaJennea’s “Boudoir Bunny” Sessions!  Not just for Valentine’s Day though, think of these as great gifts for your new husband on your wedding night, for his birthday, anniversary, etc…!   Below I have attached a list of FAQ’s for your review, but if you find you have a question or suggestion or you’d like more information or to book a session then by all means feel free to email me via my email address provided by clicking here!

Valentine’s Day “Boudoir Bunny” Special – $75.00 for a 20 minute mini-session with 10 photos edited/retouched for your print selection and 1-11×14 print, 2-5×7’s, and 4-4×6’s!  I can also arrange to have your hair and/or makeup done for a nominal additional charge.

Q: “What is it?”   A: “a tasteful, seductive shoot either done outside in a secluded location (barn, etc…) or in your home…. your bed, counters, tables, floors, etc…. where you wear your underwear, bra, lingerie, stockings, heels, jewelry (pearls, etc…) and props like say his shirt, his uniform, favorite sports team jersey, or just your underwear.  The way they’re shot leaves something to the imagination, but it’s a fun way to spark their attention and see you how they normally don’t get to.  Imagine how pleasantly shocked he will be because he never expected his wife to become a “playboy bunny”….just not trashy and gross!

Q: “Will you shoot me if I’m not married?” or “Why won’t you shoot these for anyone who’s not married?”A: I believe in the Holy Sanctity of Marriage as God ordained it.  Therefore, yes, I do belive it is wrong to engage in sex or sexual acts (or the appearance of such) outside of marriage, and it is my right to refuse to photograph anyone in a seductive manner.  Photos like these would make it harder for my brothers in Christ to be the Spiritual leaders they are to be for my sisters in Christ, and thusly keep their thoughts about you pure and Holy until you become husband and wife and your bodies then belong to each other!  If you’re not a Christian and do not believe this way, that’s your option, but still I’m not going to shoot unless there are wedding rings involved.  PLUS if you’re not married then odds are you’re going to break up with the fella at some point if you’re not already engaged, and even then you never know, and do you really want just an ex-boyfriend to possess those photos after you’re no longer together? Mmmmm I thinks NOT!

Q: “But you said these would make great gifts for a “new husband” on a wedding night!  Wouldn’t that mean they were shot before the wedding day!?” A: “Yes, I said it!  And yes, I think it would make a fun gift for your new hubs.  Here’s how it works…. I will hold the prints/photos until the day of your wedding (wrapped as a present and addressed to him if you wish) or a day or so before your big day if I am unable to get them to you on the day of your wedding.  It’s then on you to be truthful and honest about keeping your word to me that the photos won’t be shown until your actual wedding night!

Q: “But the baby hasn’t exactly left me with a “Playboy Body”   or “I’m not skinny!”  A: 99% of women DON’T have a “Playboy Body”, and over 50% of Americans are overweight.  Your husband loves you for you, stretch marks and all….BUT I won’t let those be seen! 😉  It’s really all about positioning, angles, lighting, editing, and of course trusting the eye behind the glass to capture you at your most beautiful!  As a woman who battles the dreaded “double chin” in photos TRUST ME I’ve got your back sister!  EVERY woman is beautiful!  Jesus doesn’t like ugly, and of course didn’t create anything, or anyone, “ugly”!  Let me prove to you that you are indeed B.E.A.UTIFUL!!!

Q: “What to I wear?” What do I need to bring?”  A:  LOTS of options!!!  Load up a bag or tote (Choices are GREAT!  We probably won’t shoot in everything you bring or gather up but it’s better to have too much than not enough once shooting begins!)  Think of your cutest MATCHING underwear & bras, other lingerie, an oversized white long-sleeved button down, his favorite outfit, dress, etc… that you wear, and of course stockings, heels, jewelry (pearls, long, and/or chunky necklaces and bracelets, stud, hoop, dangling earrings, etc…) Also bring along props like his shirt, his uniform, favorite sports team jersey, his favorite golf club or some golf balls, a hat he loves, a ball glove he’s attached to, his bow and arrows, (NO REAL GUNS!), a ball he caught at a game or received as a “game ball”, a baseball bat, his old football helmet, even things like an apron, a mixing bowl and whisk, cookbooks, etc… for posing in the kitchen…. you get the idea!

Q: “Where will we shoot?” A: Anywhere you like!  The best option would be your house.  Capturing you in these photos IN your house will give him new appreciation for your bedroom, kitchen, couch, etc!  Also if you have any place you’d like to shoot that’s sort of secluded from public view (no peeping toms allowed!) i.e. a barn, old warehouse, cabin, then I’m all for it…but it’s up to you to secure the location and pay any site fees for the day and time of the shoot.

Q: “Will you display these online? You know, like Facebook, your website, or blog?”  A: Not if you don’t want me too!  And even if you’re up for it I’ll be very discerning on what I do and don’t post!  One person’s “tasteful” may be another’s “dis-tasteful” so my selection of photos to add to my online portfolio will be strict and limited!

Q: “When will I have them back?” A: The latest shoot date for Valentine’s Day orders will be the 28th of January.  Editing will take 3 to 6 days from shoot date.  Photos will be available on or before the 7th day for review on a PASSWORD Protected site only you and I will have access to!!  Print orders take up to 7 to 10 business days (yup, that means weekends are excluded in estimated shipment time) so I must make sure I have time to get the orders back no later than the 12th and delivered no later than the 13th! 

Q: “Is “Rush” available for the session and/or prints?” A: YES!  24-48 hour editing turnaround time from shoot end time is $35.00.  a Rushed CD can be delivered within 4 days of shoot with a Rush edit order for only $10.00 more….a total of $45.00.  Rush Shipping for print orders is $17.00 (no, weekends aren’t  available for rush shipping).

Q: “What happens if I don’t purchase the disc with my Boudoir session?”  A: I will retain the edited/retouched photos and digital “negatives” for a 3 month period after your shoot.  At that time an email will be sent inquiring if you wish to purchase the disc. If you do or do not wish to purchase the disc you will need to let me know within 1 week from the email date.  If no response is received or you advise you do not want the disc the photos will then be deleted. 

Q: “Can you keep the photos longer than 3 months in case I want to buy it later or purchase more prints at a later date?” A: YES!  A $20.00 storage fee will be assessed for an additional 3 months of photo storage, or $35.00 for 6 months.

*Please note the following important information: 1) Photographer is not responsible for photos or discs that are lost or stolen, and coincidently displayed or shown to others from said loss or theft.  2) A PROFESSIONAL print lab processes my prints at a lab in another state, therefore besides myself, you, and your husband, a PROFESSIONAL print lab tech will more than likely also see your photos when my print order is being processed for the prints that you picked for printing….  But, that’s better than your old friend or school mate “Sally” or “Steve” at your local drug store or the like seeing them if you were to take them there to have prints made!

Please share this post with anyone you think would like to book a session.  And if you book a session and a friend you referred books a session you’ll receive a free 5×7 print or $5.00 of the price of your disc!

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