Boudoir Sessions: Be your hunny’s Bunny….Classy & Tasteful!

I LOVE these sessions!  It’s fun being a girl….make-up, hair, clothes, jewelry!  So, getting glammed up and scantily clad for your husband, well, what could be more fun?  Here’s a few tastefully seductive shots from a recent session!  Who said Boudoir had to mean trashy?  Not when I’m the one doing the posing and shooting…not. gonna. happen!   For more information on my Boudoir Bunny: Valentine’s Day special click here!   And enjoy these few BEAUTIES!

Real. Classic. Beautiful.
I'm in love with the shading in this one!
Just gorgeous! The lighting, those shoes, the subtle glimpses of her lingerie....all just perfect!
Awwww yeee....aaaahhhh!!! That's gaw-geous!!!
GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY! THAT'S HOT! This is a fake I'm happy my client's let me push their physical limits.....this pose....NOT for everyone...but WORTH IT if you can nail it!
This couch manufacturer should pay me for this photo....we make it look GOOOD!

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