Welcome to the world little Miss Kendall!

I’ve always said the men who say they don’t want kids, the men who act all quiet and shocked when their wives get pregnant, will be the biggest babies when their baby is born!  Heath was no exception to the rule! 🙂  He and our friend Dave tortured me for the lone month I lived with them in Murfreesboro when I 1st moved there in Oct. 2005 waiting on my 2 girl roommates to get out of their leases.  It was fun… getting them back after I moved out since they failed to ask for their key back that is…TWO Weeks in a row after I moved out I had that key (ask me about “Operation White Out” and “Operation Pink Panther” some day! 😉  I got my revenge on all their pranks, and I gained 2 more life long friends…well 3 actually as Heath soon became WHIPPED by my fantastic friend Jill!  He’d talk a LOT of junk about “girls are mean”, “girls are smelly”, “I don’t like em'”, “who needs em’?”, etc…. while they were dating, and he ate crow when he married good ole’ Jill!  I mean that woman is a saint! (Heath I REALLLLLLY hope you’re reading this!)  And when they found out they were expecting…well…he didn’t speak for a few days….probably a welcome change for Jill! 😉 hehe

I told Jill they’d have a girl just for the sheer fact that God really does have a sense of humor, and with all the smack talk he’s always talked about girls sure enough he’d have one! And low and behold….”IT’S A GIRL” was the text I got from Jill one day!  I was elated!!!  Heathcliff, however was silent!  Probably thinking about the shotgun he’d have to buy and all the cleaning it he’d have to do in the future 😉 LOL!  I couldn’t wait to meet her when she arrived!  Jill was allll belly!  She was one of those pregnant women that everyone envys….GORGEOUS and alllll belly!  When I saw the hospital photos of Kendall’s tiny wittle perfect self I knew I’d have to get my camera on this cutie!  So, one Tuesday I headed out to their house to meet the almost 3 week old perfect miracle from God…as you know ALL babies are, camera and props in tow!

Now, while I knew they’d be amazing parents, I mean Jill has a heart of gold anyways, I was blown away at “tough stuff, girl hater” (a.k.a. Heath) and the extreme to which he was absolutely-positively- WRAPPED around Kendall’s TINY little bitty fingers!  He still denies he’s whooped, but Jill and I just winked and laughed when we’d look at him holding her with this sparkle in his eyes!  I can’t wait for Momma Jill to have her a momma’s boy, not just because Kendall will undoubtedly be a daddy’s girl and she needs her a momma’s boy, but because as GORGEOUS as this little girl is their little man is sure to be a HANDSOME little fella, and NO Heath….she gets it from her MOMMA! 🙂

So, enough of my doting over my 2 sweet friend’s lil beauty….I give you….KENDALL and her Wonderful Momma and Poppa!

The BraskaJennea Signature Collage!

It's almost too much cuteness for one post!!! 🙂

If you like what you see PLEASE leave me some comment love!  I LOOOOVE Comments! Jus’ Sayin’!


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