Happy 1st Birthday Blair!!!

I still can’t believe it was over a year ago when I was waiting at the hospital for my besty’s baby girl to be born!  I’d missed both the boys as they were born while their poppa, Jon, was serving our country in the Marines at the base in North Carolina, and I was NOT missing this one!  I’d just moved back from Murfreesboro literally the day before but I was up bright and early awaiting her arrival with the grandparents, aunts, siblings, etc…!  Low and behold the little princess decided to wait until that evening to be born, but I was right there as her proud poppa brought her out to greet her throng of eager fans…..Camera in her face right of the bat….like you had any doubts about that!  Yeah…I shed a tear….I’ll cop to it…but I tried to make sure no one saw since I was behind the lens! LOL!

I’ve shot so many pictures of the diva this year, and in true form just like her brothers when I WANT her to smile she won’t, but the expressions her momma Pam, Faye, and I got her to make…along with every photogs best friend…BUBBLES…are just too funny!  My FAVORITES are the one in which my pink clad Droid makes an appearance and the one in which Faye’s diamond ring comes out…every Diva needs a cell phone and a diamond right?  What ever it takes people…WHAT.EV.ER. it takes to get a baby to be happy so shall it be done!  I’ll let you pick your favorites tho as there’s plenty to choose from, but those are mine!

I’ll post pictures from her Newborn session later, but for now enjoy the many funny faces, expressions, and just plain CUTE CUTE CUUUUUTENESS of Miss Blair Elizabeth’s 1st Birthday shoot!

Don't you wish your eyes were this BIG and this BLUE? I won't lie...I'm jealous!!!


Diamonds are a girls best friend!
The bloomers say it ALL! 🙂
Said in the high pitched Minion's voice from the movie "Despicable Me": "WHAAAAAAAAT?" Seriously tho....please don't act like you didn't just CRACK UP! HI-LARIOUS!!!
LOVE them ALL!!!! precious!
A little bit "vintage" now with that cream dress and crocheted trim and the crocheted hat my mother made!
Hers was TIRRRRRRED so it was time to say "Bye Bye"!


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