An Easter Session: Matti+Travis

I’ve known Matti for what seems like ever!  We went to the same Elementary and High Schools (I graduated in 2001 and she in 2002), did 4-H waaaaaay back in the day together, though she was one of the horse lovers….I more of a baker and public speaker, and in high school did plays together as part of the Play Production classes.  I have to say she’s just good people!  My mom knows practically her whole immediate family (they all went to school together too) and she comes from a long line of other “good people”!

She’s a hobby photographer who loves landscapes and nature shots because, as she says, “I’m a hermit.  And I’m ok with that….because I don’t like people” HAHAHA!  Did I tell you she was hilarious too? She admittedly “stalks” my page and is one of my greatest supporters so when she asked for Easter pictures of her and her love at the GORGEOUS home of Lena Beth (another mutual friend and horse LOVER….from the 4-H days) I said “but of course!”  So we met up at Springbrook Bed and Barn in Niota, TN and just had a leisurely stroll around the property.  Trust me there was NO shortage of fantastic places to snap away at and boy did we!  That place is just magnificent!!!  It’s open for overnight guests…and their beloved horses, events and even weddings!!! Check them out for your next overnight getaway or party, and tell em’ Braska sent ya!

So, enough words…. I give you the wonderful couple of Matti+Travis!

Ahhhh that! 🙂
I.LOVE.BUBBLES! Their initial reaction was "really?" and mine was "YES! You could use some cheesy in your lives!" HA!


One thought on “An Easter Session: Matti+Travis

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of Matti! Love my favorite southern belle! I wish you were closer to NY, I would love to have you as my wedding photographer or have some pictures done by you one day. If you ever come up this way please let me know!


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