Marsheena + Bruce = L.O.V.E.

I’ve known Marsheena for-ev-er!  She’s such a beautiful young woman and a ball of energy and motivation!  I love her comments and encouragement on my work, and truth be told this Blog right here wouldn’t be in that great of shape if she and Bruce hadn’t helped me figure it out and organize it!!   She told me a while back that one day she wanted me to shoot her and her hubby Bruce.  Well I had to rent a lens from for a wedding that weekend and I wanted to test it out!  She jumped at the chance to jump in front of my camera….which of course I LOVED!  So we headed out for our mini-session to what I will always call “Sunset Park” in downtown Athens, TN  to shoot.  The Spring blooms were showing off something fierce, which made my heart even happier than I usually am when I’m shooting, and made the absolute perfect frame and backdrop for their session!

I’d never met Bruce, but from the get go I knew we’d get along perfectly!  He’s a cut up, I’m a cut up…what could be better?  Though I did have to threaten him a couple of  times during his “tickle fights” with Marsheena to “be easy”….he’s a guy, do ya’ll even know what that means? LOL!  These two have been married for almost 3 years, and I could feel they  were just as smitten now as they were when they said their vows.  See if you think the same thing and enjoy the lovely Lances!  I know I surely did!

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