Welcome to the world sweet Mahayla Belle Shirley!  I.LOVE.THIS.KID!!!  Ok ok ok!  Actually I LOVE her whole stinkin’ AWESOME family!!!  I mean literally they’re all A.MAZING, and to date I’ve done the wedding flowers for her Uncle David and Aunt Catherine’s wedding, shot Aunt Catherine’s maternity pictures, shot the engagement and wedding of her Aunt Sarah and Uncle Todd, and shot the whole clan this past Fall for their family portraits!  Shew!  That’s a LOT of shootin’ cause there’s a bunch of em’!  Not only on poppa Micheal’s side but momma Amy’s as well….I’ve shot just about all of them between the wedding of Amy’s sister Sarah last August, and of course my long time friend’s David and Catherine’s Robinson/Shirley clan!!!  Seriously one of the sweetest most genuinely caring families you’ll ever meet!  So I’m sure there’s tons of “oooohing and aaaaaahing” coming Mahayla’s way over these photos….and why not?  I DID! 😉

It was a gloomy, cold day when I made it to their home to meet for the 1st time and shoot this little beauty!  I was so excited!  I’d seen her pictures online, and sad that I had to cancel her original shoot the weekend of my failed Birthday trip to the Boro 😦 I could.not.wait. to get my hands…and lens…on her!!  She’s got a ton of thick, soft dark hair, big blue eyes, and a button nose, and pink mouth that just demands you must love her….and then she GRINS!  Yup!  I was.a.goner!  Pretty much as soon as I rounded the corner the kid was smiling and cooing in her bouncer….I knew it was going to be a GREAT day!  She looks so much like her big brother with a lot of her faces, and you can’t not crack up!  The camera came out and the shutter went to snapping!  Have I said how thankful I am for fast shutters?  Well I’m sure I have but I’ll say it again…THANK THE LORD FOR SUPER QUICK SHUTTERS!!! I’d like to kiss the inventor on the mouth!  I mean without it I wouldn’t have been able to grab 1/2 of the sheer hilarious facial expressions this precious baby girl gave me!  Grins, yawns, mouth mimicry, that toungue, her eyebrows…I could go on…but I wont!  Instead I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking!  I’m sure you’ll be smitten too!  Goodness I love babies!

THIS. IS. WHY. I. DO. WHAT. I. DO!!!  Thank you Micheal and Amy for letting me capture your precious baby girl, and THANK YOU Robinson, Shirley, and Bell Families for having me in your lives!  You’re all amazing and I’m happy to call you friends!

ugh! Don't you just want to snuggle with her???

Ahhhh the many faces of Miss Mahayla Belle!!!

You know me….Silhouettes…they’re just magical!!!

4 thoughts on “MEET MAHAYLA!!!!

  1. AWESOME, Braska!

    Only critique: after I read your blogpost (white letters on black background) I had to wait a minute for my eyes to adjust back to see the beautiful pix. I felt like I was looking through blinds!

    Love you girl. Thanks for taking such good photogenic care for my fam.


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