The Fab. Kelly Lane: Her | Her Home | Indy Anna | & Tiger Rock Taekwondo!

Kelly and I’s shoot has been in the making since last Fall!  We had a shoot scheduled for December but due to a HUGE mis-communication on my part we wound up shooting Spring pictures instead!  So, I set out for her home in Sweetwater, TN and let me tell you it’s GORGEOUS!  She’s def. got an eye for decorating and her whole house looked like something out of a Home Decor Magazine or a Polo Ralph Lauren AD!  And then I met her beautiful “pup” Indy Anna!  Yes, you read that right!  How awesome a name is that for a Weimaraner? To quote her ” I named her after Indiana Jones the great adventurer.”  I knew there’d be lots of photographic goodies, and a shoot unlike any I’d done as it was a portrait session “just lounging” around the house!  Let me say this….EXCELLENT IDEA!  I got to capture her and her baby in their environment, just in the day to day activities, and they make “day to day” look AMAZING!

After shooting her portraits at her home we headed out to her Taekwondo Studio there in Sweetwater…Tiger Rock!  I’d never been to one, but it was blast shooting the kiddos’ portraits, getting them “in action”, and then shooting up a storm of action shots with Kelly and the other instructor there, Brannon!  They’re a little bit amazing…and by little bit I mean A LOT!  Here are the awe-to tha-schum photos from the day!  Thanks again Kelly for letting me shoot ya!

SEE!!!  I told you her house was out of a Magazine!!!

A dynamic, kick butt, good lookin' duo!
Just for the fun of it!

Annnnnnnd just because I am SUPER pumped about how this turned out I’m posting it too!  Can you guess where my orange tiger in the composite came from??  YES INDEEDY…I snagged it off the studio wall, colored it, removed the background, and VIOLA! I was pretty darn happy if I do say so myself!!!

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