Happy 1st Birthday Mr. Aiden!

There are so many wonderful things I love about being a photographer.  It’s a 100% pure labor of love that I know through the hard times will pay off one day, but I wouldn’t go back to my old job for anything!  I am however, VERY grateful for the people it allowed me to meet!!!  When I left VZW I burned that bridge….well…torched it was more like it… but I am so happy I was able to retain several of my old co-workers as friends!  One such person is the gorgeous, wonderful, sweet, and HILARIOUS Destiny Absher!  She was one of my “transition SME’s” back in the good old training days of late 2005 when I started there and when I left she’d worked up to be one of the best trainers….but don’t tell Charles, James, Emerson, or Kila I said that 😉

Getting to share in people’s lives and capture their special rights of passage, and just the everyday, as only I can is why I do this!  I watch families, children, expectant moms and dads, Brides, Grooms, and babies through my lens. I play with them, joke with them, anything to capture them….real. natural. beautiful. and living LIFE!  So, when Destiny asked me to shoot Aiden’s 1st year portraits how could I resist?

Her spirit is sweet and she just gives off happy vibes any time you’re around her…..even when she’s dying to strangle someone! LOL!  Her hubby is pretty awesome too, and these two made one beautiful kiddo!  I first shot them as a family back when Mr. Aiden was just a tiny bump in his momma’s tummy….way back when I was still “practicing” and doing this part time.  I still can’t believe he’s already 1!  He’s def. inherited his momma’s infectious grin and loves to laugh which is right up my alley!  The day couldn’t have been prettier, albeit windy, and then He latched on to a dandelion yellow flower and I must say it made for some adorable pictures!  I only expected him to hold it a few seconds but he carried it around pretty  much the 1st half of our shoot…which was fine by me.  Cannonsburgh Village in Murfreesboro is one of my FAVORITE spots in Mid. TN to shoot….there’s sooooo many amazing places to setup…and keep kiddos entertained 😉 And then…there’s BUBBLES!  Never leave home without BUBBLES!  The faces you get as those little cuties see those mulitcolored, clear, fragile, floating orbs is something you can’t create.  Needless to say there’s no shortage of adorable images of this precious little boy and his gorgeous momma.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aiden, here’s to many more, and momma I hope these are what you wanted!

Ahhhhhhh! That hat=TOO CUTE!
He loves his momma! 🙂
He had a blast in that wash tub! Don't know if he was trying to dance or what but he sure did like to rock it!
I told ya....GORGEOUS! Those random shots where the parent is playing with their baby are some of the best!!!
And again....tell me I'm wrong!

Big thanks to Auntie Caitlyn and my friend/”assistant” for the day Tina for helping tote props, blow bubbles, and otherwise do funny things to entertain lil Mr. handsome!  You girls ROCK!

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