Meet Adia | One Year Old and counting!

Little Miss Adia’s momma has been a stalker of my page for a while now!  Ever since I photographed her Aunt Carmen’s little girl back in December she’d been asking for a session of her little Princess.  Well that day finally came a few weeks ago, and even though it was a little dreary and sprinkled off and on during our session it was the PERFECT weather for our shoot!  The lighting was something you just can’t manufacture and I didn’t even have to bust out the reflector or flash…once!  A photographer’s dream!

Adia is a photographer’s dream as well….she’s ADORABLE and LOVES the camera…a pretty great combo.  She was singing and dancing and loooooved the BUBBLES!  Like I’ve said before you can’t leave home without the bubbles!  She loves her momma and just wanted to be held so those bad boys were a great way to distract her from the fact that mommy wasn’t holding her.  I couldn’t get enough of this little blonde haired blue eyed cutie and neither could my camera!!!  I am so honored to have captured her 1st birthday pictures and I look forward to our sessions throughout this her “2nd Year”!  I’m sure they’re going to be equally as wonderful and entertaining so stay tuned!

I give you: Miss Adia

We had a ball playing “peek-a-boo” around that old brick column!  I love the mix of her softness with the hardness of the bricks and walkway!

Cell Phones, bunny ears and a stool....OH MY!
A sign of the longer is it stuffed animals and parents going crazy to get them to cooperate in their's cell phones, radios, music and remotes! But really....HOW CUTE is that picture with her mommas cell phone? Priceless! And the "Oooooohhhh" picture...that was her 1st slide off of the stool to stand up! PRECIOUS!
Her Birthday TuTu Dress...and her "Birthday Suit" in this little ivy laden our own little "Secret Garden"!
Garden Baby!
Ahhhh natural light in an old building....can't buy me that kind of love! And don't get me started on that lace outfit....GORGEOUS!
Such a poser...I told ya...she loves the camera! What a ham! 🙂

One thought on “Meet Adia | One Year Old and counting!

  1. Wow, what a beautiful little girl in absolutely stunning pictures!!! Great Job Braska. I LOVE the won with the fall colored textures…it looks so dreamy.


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