Brandy+Zac | Bringing the Heat | An E-Session

What can I say about Brandy?  Wellllll let’s start with we went to Highschool together and graduated waaaayyyy back in 2001 from McMinn County High.  Then she was in our mutual BFF’s wedding, Pamela, which was my 1st fore into the wonderful world of Wedding Planning/Coordinating and of course Floral design.  Who’d have thought I’d be on the back side of lens all these years later watching the events being coordinated…though I’ll admit the inner perfectionist/planner comes out still when I see something needing done…or Heaven forbid…a bride or bridesmaid carrying their bouquet like they’re about to sniff it, and NOT where it’s supposed to be…which of course is…..IN FRONT OF THE BELLY BUTTON!  Yeah….it’s a pet peeve!  SO, Don’t get mad at me if one day I’m at your wedding and just before you walk out I jerk your bouquet down and say “LEAVE IT!” 😉 LOL!  I’d say it much nicer than that though! hahaha

Way back then I was managing a bank and planning weddings and doing flowers on the side our paths crossed again a few times at other weddings I was working.  Again…not behind the camera yet but shooting random shots with my old film camera.  She’s been a fan of my photography ever since I got it rolling full time almost a year and a half ago…and probably before then as I was quite the “papparazi” before I got paid to do so! LOL!  So, it was a no-brainer when she announced her engagement and asked me to do their photos!

I LOVE photographing couples!  We started a long chain of emails back and forth regarding location, “theme” and wardrobe, and both settled on “Vintage Chic”.  Only one location I could think of would suffice…The Old Woolen Mill in downtown Cleveland, TN.  It’s GORGEOUS and wound up being a perfect fit for the outfits they chose!  Couldn’t have been any better!  Now I had never met Zac before, but there’s this sweetness, and just adoring vibe that encircles them!  Most guys tend to not like having their pictures taken and get very antsy, but Zac never let it show!  Either he likes having his picture made or he really sucked it up for his Bride-to-Be in a very gentlemenly fashion.  I must say they were absolutely up for ANY-THING and my personal favorites are just the random pictures of them laughing and having fun!  Who says just because we’re closing in on 30 that we can’t still have a blast on a GIANT yellow chair or climbing on an old rusty stage?  I say DO IT!  And do it often….you’re only as old as you feel!

I look forward to capturing many more of their memories as they grow together in their upcoming journey of husband and wife. Thank you Brandy+Zac for rolling with me on this fun adventure, and being such happy and willing sports! May God Bless you and your upcoming union!!!

Let's start this off right...ARTSY style! You know how I do!
Ahhhh I love ring shots with lovlieness in the background...and old wooden doors!

This chair and I were meant to meet!

Awwww Yeeeeeaaaaah!
Look at Miss Brandy bringin' the heat! Owww!
Can you guess why this is my most beloved time of day to shoot? Just whimsical!
There's a commom phrase among my subjects for some of the poses/posistions I set them up in... "This feels weird!" Annnnd my response "If it DOESN'T feel weird then ya ain't doin' it right!" HA!
Typically I have numerous "favorites" from every shoot...this one tho took home my prize for FAVORITE Shot from their shoot! I.JUST.LOVE.IT!!! Say somethin'...I dare you!

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