Why does it take so long to get my finished images?

I was asked the other day why it takes me so long (typically 6-8 weeks…which is the industry standard actually) “just to edit a wedding session”. I chuckled….pondered a few moments, then answered, and thought I’d share for my upcoming “F.A.Q.” Section. Questions like these don’t bother me…well….not a lot…but they take A LOT of time to answer…time that I could be working on images! Sooooo I hope this cuts down on the # of questions I get not only from my fans, clients, Brides, but from others who want to know “Why?”  This is the 1st of more to come “F.A.Q.’s” so stay tuned!

Q: “Why does it take you so long just to edit a wedding session?” Or a portrait session (2-3 weeks)…for those of you wondering that as well! 🙂 Here’s the EXPANDED answer 🙂

A:  Because there are THOUSANDS of images from a wedding to sort/sift/rotate/backup…and THEN you get to select only the best to actually edit… and I’m an OCD control freak with my images! A perfectionist only in my ARTwork and add to that the fact that I can’t focus on one task for very long before “boredom” sets in…and there you have it…me…working on 2 or 3 sessions at a time just to keep focused and stay productive.

Then of course I have to bounce back and forth between editing the wedding(s) and non-wedding sessions, shooting, marketing, my “non-work” life (whatever that is… LOL), deliveries, ordering, designing, imports/exports to/from editing software, uploading to FB/Blog/Print sites, album creation, emails, phone calls/texts, slideshows, cd/dvd burning, meetings, contracts, the list goes on… and I’m just a one-woman show! My car’s a mess, my room’s a mess, my hair’s a hot MESS….but my images must be top notch all.the.time!  This is my career…my “living”! I can’t afford to have an “off” day on my images.

Editing is what takes the longest as I just can’t send my “babies” out in to the world “half baked”. If there’s a pimple, scar, wrinkle, makeup smudge, stretch mark, etc…. it must be addressed…and you HAVE to whiten the teeth if they need it. These are people’s memories…I can’t stand the thought that in a few years when they want to look back on their photos the only thing they’ll see would be that breakout/blemish, or that stretch mark, and not the beautiful memory! I just.can’t. be fast and produce QUALITY images. QUALITY takes TIME but it’s WORTH the WAIT!

I also suggest checking out my favorite Blog post on the issue “Are My Wedding Photos Finished Yet?” for another fine read 🙂

In closing I want everyone to see their images as soon as possible just bear with, and be patient, with myself and my fellow photographer friends, and we’ll get them all perfect and ready to you as fast as our fingers and editing software can render them! 🙂

I wouldn't go back to being a teenager for anything! I feel so sorry for them and especially during breakouts! This is the image I honed my blemish removal techniques on for the last couple of years!

Here’s an example of why it takes Me, especially, so long to edit a single image!  I won’t tell you how long it took, just be appreciative your photos will get the same TLC when you allow me to capture your life!

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