An Elopement Story | Sarah + Ben | Whitestone Country Inn

These days it’s not uncommon to hear the words “we met on the internet”. Well the marriage of ME + Sarah+Ben was an utterly divine union God set in place as Sarah through lots of internet searching for Tennessee Photographers around the Whitestone Inn area landed on me….something I’m still not sure how she did as I’m a good 45-1 hr away from there, but she did…and for that I am forever thankful!

We chatted right at only a couple of months via email. She in Macon, GA and me here in TN seemed to be a great fit even through the www…I knew I’d love her in person and though site unseen I could just tell from her sweet emails that she was as beautiful on the outside as she communicated to be on the inside. The first time we met was when she opened the door to the Bridal room that gorgeous Monday morning.   And then she uttered the words that made me EXCEEDINGLY happy… “I read EVERY one of your tips! I just loved them!  They were so right on!” I KNEW it was going to be a great day as she already knew so much about me/my style!  Check them out for yourself if you’re planning a wedding or know someone who is by clicking here to view the series of blog posts devoted to helping you have “Your Best Wedding”.

I can’t speak for her but I know for me I felt an immediate peace when she uttered the words with a big ole’ smile on her face “You must be Braska! I’m Sarah!” I wanted to hug her, she’s just got this amazing sweet spirit about her…but I refrained…I didnt want to be creepy if she wasn’t feeling the same afterall LOL. The makeup artist and hair stylist had just left and she was ready to steam her dress….something my mom, my “assistant” for the day, and I are old pros at! Haha. So, we set out to steam every wrinkle from that astoundingly beautiful ivory satin gown! It didnt take long and then I was helping her in to her dress. Usually I live to capture bridesmaids doing this as it’s such an extraordinary moment. A princess putting on her wedding gown on the biggest day of her life is something that mothers and friends usually help with and here I was helping my bride put on her dress! I was honored…and still am!

They wanted to see each other alone, no camera or people around, so I departed upstairs to the chapel. I fell in love with that little chapel’s outside when we pulled up and then I fell in love with the inside as well as I eagerly awaited the bride and groom. To our surprise Ben, hadn’t met him before either, waltzed in to the chapel holding his tie in hand. I’ll confess now…I knew what he was about to ask…no one else but the mom and me were around…and I was panicking a little inside….we had NO IDEA how to tie a TIE! Mom fumbled with it a little and then we brought out the lifesaver….YOU TUBE! We were all in his face trying to wrangle that thing and he was as calm as a cucumber! Praise Jesus for the internet on our phones! A few minutes of downloading and 2 tries later and I tied my first tie! The coordinator came thru at the very end and straightened and tightened it up a little but I felt very victorious in defeating the tie knot!

He thanked us profusely and went back down to finish and meet his beloved. It wasn’t long until the sweet couple were entering the chapel again hand in hand…ready for their closeups! We shot a few inside and then headed outside to shoot the rest of the day. I felt like I’d known them for-ev-er and so it was no trouble talking to them, positioning them, shooting them. They are truly in love and it’s so obvious! He dotes on her with sweet kisses and soft hands, and she loves to touch him, his cheeks, his hair! And did I mention the HUGE smile on her face? I’ve never met anyone I’ve had to tell to stop smiling and they tell me “I can’t! It’s so hard!” Hahaha!!! A woman after my own heart!

I’ve said before I always pray that God would give the most perfect lighting and weather for my shoots, and this day was no exception. He delivered in the most glorious way… I’m still in awe of how breathtaking it was! And NO those clouds you’ll see are NOT Photoshoped! I have witnesses!

Their outdoor ceremony happened at a little after 1 and I teared up when I saw a couple of small tears run down her cheek. It was perfect! Him+Her+The Minister over looking the most beautiful spot on Watts Bar Lake I’ve ever seen! After the ceremony they were whisked off on a private carriage ride around the property and when they came back we popped off a few more shots, and then retreated to the air-conditioning of their immaculate honeymoon suite. Their wedding cake was so perfect…a Boston Creme Pie..her favorite. We did the traditional cake and toasting pictures and I was off! We hugged and chitchatted a few minutes about how much fun we had, and I had a feeling I’d just made 2 new friends. I told Sarah a few days later that I don’t care the distance, we can still be friends. After all…I’ve found the best clients are friends…either in the beginning or in the end!

So here’s to the wonderful Buice’s and their new life together, and for choosing a little ole photographer from a rural Tennessee town to capture such a momentous occasion. You’re forever in our hearts and we wish you a life full of happiness, and may you never lose those looks in your eyes nor forget the feelings you had on your wedding day!

Photography: BraskaJennea Photography

Venue, Flowers: The Whitestone Country Inn, Kingston TN

4 thoughts on “An Elopement Story | Sarah + Ben | Whitestone Country Inn

  1. Braska has done it yet again! She has captured another beautiful moment in a person’s life. Her balance of space, color, and light are FABULOUS!


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