Lovely Baby Bumps | Brown

Miracle in the Making | Awaiting Their  First Born


We had talked in the car on the way to the shoot about some ideas I had. One was that I wanted to Put Psalm 139: 13-16 on a profile of her belly. So I sought this spot for the lush greenery and thought it’d be a gorgeous backdrop for the bump in the foreground! It was a few seconds after I knelt down shooting the foreground shots of her bump that I noted the trail was shaped similarly to her…almost perfectly actually! I didn’t say anything, I just did my usual “OH MY” or “YES!” accompanied by a sly grin and laugh! I knew I had GOLD!

I pushed the focus beyond her and shot this beauty…see…God took my plan and made it so much more than I could’ve dreamed! He even chose to reflect the miracle of the life giving process in this little trail…and no…it wasn’t an accident! As a wise preacher once said “there are no accidents…Only God-cidents!”

Just like this seemingly un-spectacular little trail, everything has a reason and a purpose! When He breathes life there’s a plan and a purpose, no matter if we planned for it or not, and we are the receivers of tiny, miraculous, blessings for however long He chooses to leave them in our care here on Earth!

It was right about this shot that lil man decided he wanted me to "see" him for the first time....he kicked or punched the B and it jumped! At first I thought momma had laughed again but was Baby Boy Brown making his presence known to "B" 🙂

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