Lovely Baby Bumps | Burger

Baby makes three…BOYS! | The Burger Mini-Maternity Session

I’ve known Tammy and her wonderful family for what seems like ever. I’ve photographed all of the grandchildren now, you may remember the Hudson 4 a few months ago…3 girls and then the new boy, and it’s time for another little fella to be added to precious brood!

It takes a while for Javen, the current youngest, to warm up to you, and there’s always a bunch of bribing involved, I’ll say it…I BRIBE the lil childrens and I’m not ashamed!, but once he does warm up to you that smile is as good as gold! It doesn’t last long though so you’ve got to be fast…having an “itchy trigger finger” is my best friend 😉

Isaac is seriously one amazing little big brother! He’s just so loving! It’s clear that no one will mess with his brothers when they get older! He’s just precious and has a smile that’ll melt your heart….when he’s not “pose” smiling that is! The kid likes to ham it up! hahaha!!

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful evening for their shoot at a family member’s house. The evening light was just breathtaking and more than I could’ve asked for! It was God showing off of course. He seemed to be shining down on his marvelous creations and showing us all that every little life He breathes in to existence brings a new light, a beautiful light, in to this dark world and reminds us that, if only for a little while, life is a precious and miraculous process and never a mistake. Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world….afterall…He created them! 🙂

I saw something I’ve seen numerous times, but that evening it really hit me as I watched life unfold behind my lens. Have you ever watched a soon to be new sibling talk to, stroke, kiss, and just love on “their” baby in momma’s tummy? It’s something so sweet! Watching how much they just innately love the growing baby they will soon meet is something that blesses my heart every.single.time! May we all always remember to cherish life like a child; to await it with wonder and excitement.

I am blessed to get to witness these seemingly “little moments” and capture them for the generations to come, and I thank Tammy for choosing me to document this wonderful time in all of their lives! I can’t wait to meet the 3rd brother, and Tammy you are one beautiful momma! Inside.and.out!

I know, I know…don’t say it…MAGIC!!!! The light, that fence, the tree, and my ROUGH, made in the field, bow…it’s just perfectly perfect! You saw it here first folks…a gift from God wrapped just as all gifts should be…with a big.ole.bow! 🙂
I absolutely adore this photo!!! It’s like they’re looking in to the light, the glorious light, and awaiting what the future holds!

You can’t help look at these 2 shots right here and just GRIN! I mean seriously…if you aren’t grinning ear to ear there’s something wrong with you…no really…seek help! 😉
What! You think I’d let a maternity session slip by without a silhouette?? I.think.NOT! It’s my thing…I’ll do what I do! 😉
absolutely GORGEOUS!

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