Announcing the newest BJP product: LIGHTROOM 3 PRESETS!

It’s time to pretty and pimp your portraits…the easy way!

You read that right!  Why am I selling my top Lightroom 3 Presets? Easy!  To help my fellow photographers, professional or amateur, turn their precious portraits from “so so” to “WHOA”!

I get saddened seeing so many portraits all cold or dull, when the fix is SO EASY!  Want to take your photo from drab to fab…with ONE.CLICK?  Then check these before and afters and go purchase the full TWENTY-ONE Preset set for yourself.

That’s right…21 perfect presets to warm up, cool down, “age”, mute, brighten, lighten, sharpen, even B&W and Sepia your images, and so much more!!  Granted each photo is different so you may need to tweak each preset as some photos will be darker, lighter, brighter, richer than other photos, but you can and should adjust the settings in the Develop menu to fit them perfectly to each photo.

Just click the “Add to Cart” button below and head on over to purchase your very own BJP LR3 Presets, securely with PayPal, complete with full install instructions and some helpful tips for using them, all for only $49.99.   Plus a Bonus LR3 Print Module Template as a Thank you!

Add to Cart

*NO SHARING!  One set per purchaser, no duplicating, sending, or re-selling.  Also, given the digital nature of this product no refunds can be given for any reason. *

Please note: Once purchased you have up to 5 attempts at downloading over a 24 hour period. Please do not let this time expire as you would need to re-purchase.

Before: SOOC | After: B Vintage Cool
Before: SOOC | After: B Warm Sunshine Vignette Light
Before: SOOC | After: BRIGHT Sunshine
Before: SOOC | After: B Old Faded
Before: SOOC | After: B High C 1
Before: SOOC | After: B NATURAL +Blue -YellowOrange
Before: SOOC | After: B Antique Wash
Before: SOOC | After: B Less Yellow
Before: SOOC | After: B High C 3
Before: SOOC | After: B NATURAL +Blue

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