My Favorite Fall Portrait!

In the midst of the chaos of this past month I was reminded, when I remembered I needed to enter the contest, of my favorite Fall portrait!  I captured it last year in a Fall Family session and the little boys were getting restless.  The eldest brother was all patient and waiting for us to get little brother calmed down and laid beside his head.  While their mother tried to calm baby boy I saw a GIANT leaf out of the corner of my eye.  The lightbulb went off and I knew what I wanted my “perspective” shot for this session to be!

I always try to either pan far out and have the subjects in a small spot of the frame or find some large object to have them close to to set the stage for just how small we really are in this big giant world.  In this case it was a leaf! A ratty leaf at that, but a giant leaf…and it.was.PERFECT!  His eye, the orange blanket, the texture of the leaf and the fact that you can see he’s grinning without seeing his mouth…it was all just..MAGIC!  To this day it remains my all time favorite Child Portrait!   I edited it with just basic clarifying, sharpening, contrast.  Nothing really fancy as it didn’t need it!

Here now is one of the greatest reasons Fall is a picture perfect time for portraits…LEAVES!  And as we all know…Children LOVE leaves!


Rock the Shot

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