Fall Family Session | The Schultz Family

I remember Courtney from school and always thought she had the prettiest eyes of anyone I’d ever met.  When we met to photograph her precious little family on a chilly, blustery Fall morning that hadn’t changed….and then I saw her little angel Harper Sloan and couldn’t help but get sucked in to her stunning blue peepers.  Genetic lottery winners right there…though when she gets older they may cause her momma and poppa some problems in the boy department! 

They asked me where we were going to shoot and I wanted to venture somewhere I hadn’t shot before.  So, a few days before I was driving around scouting and passed “downtown Riceville” and my favorite old building caught my eye once again.  “PERFECT!” And so it was that right beside it there was a glowing yellow leafed tree that begged to have it’s picture taken too.  GORGEOUS! Ahhh I love “accidents”…though if you know me at all I don’t believe in accidents…everything has a purpose and a plan, and so it was for that spot, that morning.

Courtney kept worrying, like all mommas do, if we were getting “any good ones” to which I assured her we were.  I love that I get to see the magic that parents can’t see in the moment, but I get to bring it to them after the fact!  I found out a few days later my blonde haired, blue eyed subject was indeed getting sick and this caused her to be fussy during our session, but that didn’t stop us from grabbing some super sweet images.  They’re babies, you just have to work with them, love on them, play with them, and roll with the punches.  It’s in the chaos of keeping them happy that the best images emerge.  And such is the case with the Schultz Family Fall Session.

Thank You Freddie, Courtney, HS, and “Gramsey” for letting me hang with you and for your willingness to do whatever it took! You all rock!

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