Fall Family Session | The Craig Family | Addison 6 months

It’s so exciting to me that I get to be a part of people’s lives and capture the seemingly small moments for them.  I’m having a BLAST shooting little Miss Addison’s First Year and cannot believe we’re already to her 6 month session! UN.REAL how time flies…and she’s not even my kiddo!  I’ve had a camera in her face since she was born so I’m hoping she’s getting used to it!  We’ve got big plans for her 1 year…but I hope time crawls by for those…don’t want her growing up too fast you know!

Jennifer and Shelby are two friends now that have a brain similar to mine…I KNOW… watch out world!  They send me ideas they see online or on Pinterest, and a lot of them I’d already have been crushing on, and working out how I could own it…because copying is never cool…you want to best it if you’re going to borrow another’s idea…not make a carbon copy!  For Addison’s 6 month/Christmas pictures we knew what we wanted…Christmas Lights..and so we went for it!  I have to say, though I may be a *bit* partial I think we nailed it!  She wasn’t a fan of tummy time, but I grabbed a few cute ones anyway, and I love babies and I LOVE Christmas Lights…so what could be better huh? Yeah….Nothing…ok ok…maybe some snow, BUT in lieu of that I have to say what we have is pretty stinkin’ GORGEOUS!

The weather wasn’t really our friend with clouds and WIND like whoa, but I think it gave a look and feel that I couldn’t have anticipated turning out so beautifully.  I’ve said it before and I know I’ll say it more, but I pray for the perfect weather before every session.  It may not be what I’d want right then, and we def. have to work it out, but the end results are always more than I could have dreamed!  So, here’s to the weather maker, the Creator of everything for His blessings in disguise! Keep em’ coming big guy! 🙂

You can see her momma and daddy’s Maternity Session by clicking here.  And my favorite Maternity shot….EVER…was taken with them.  You’ll know it when you see it! 😉  For now let’s get to the goodness! I know you’re ready!

She's had this headband I made and this Garden Cart in all of her photos since birth so we're continuing the tradition!
I couldn't choose a favorite...so I'll post both! BooYah!She's had this headband I made and this Garden Cart in all of her photos since birth so we're continuing the tradition!

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