Fall Family Session | The Hurst Family | Cleveland, TN

Wendy found me through another client’s referral and we set out to shoot her family on a lovely fall afternoon.  We weren’t too sure there’d be enough leaves on the trees, but when I scouted Fletcher Park in Cleveland, TN I knew that wouldn’t be an issue.  There was gorgeous Fall beauty all around us!  A photographer’s play ground!

She, her husband, who I knew I knew from somewhere but just couldn’t nail down, and their 3 sweet kiddos had recently moved from Knoxville to Cleveland.  We had a ball roaming around the first part of the trail, letting the kids run wild and do what kids do.  They turned out to be great impromptu mini-assistants who liked toting around the poinsettias…especially on their heads! Love it! 

There were tons of images I wound up with from this super cool family so narrowing down a few to put on here was no easy chore. As we were leaving I asked her husband, Matt, if he knew how I knew him and through talking about where he works it hit me…he works for the bank I used to work for years ago and I’d see him on several occasions for meetings, dinners, etc… in Knoxville.  Small world!

So here’ s to the fabulous Hurst fam and the fantastic faces they and their little models graced my camera with. 🙂

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