Fall Family Session | The Cantrells | Cleveland, TN

The best part of my job is getting to join in the lives of my clients, and then them becoming friends.  Their babies become “my babies” and I live for seeing them grow up behind my lens.  Capturing their sweet little milestones is a big job…a tiring job…as they are always 100% UNPREDICTABLE!  I firmly believe it takes a special kind of love and patience for photographing children, and I’m not bragging I promise, but I believe that’s a gift I’ve been given! I don’t care how long it takes, how many “mommy breaks” or “daddy breaks”, lunch times, naps, play breaks, etc… Whatever it takes I will get some priceless images out of every child. :0)  And I’ve told ya’ll before… I’m not above bribes! Just Sayin’!

When the Cantrells asked me to take their Christmas pictures of course I knew I had to…it meant I’d get to see my little blue eyed, dimpled buddy, Jamen!  This kid is always photographic goodness to me!  It sometimes takes him a few minutes to warm up but once I start the singing (getting the parents and grand parents involved too of course… so I’m not the only looney looking person there 😉 and playing peek-a-boo he’s usually good to go.  This day was no exception…. well…. except he’s figured out my “formula” and is learning how to mess with me.  We set out for the always beautiful Old Woolen Mill in Cleveland, TN, and it was during the family shots I noticed Jamen would glance my way and then look away quickly….and THEN smile or giggle!  What a stinker! I got some hilariously cute shots of his new “haha I’m not going to smile and look at you” smirk, but little does he know I’m just as smitten with those little smarmy glances as I am that big dimpled grin he throws my way. So. it’s perfectly fine by me that he’s figured me and my camera out! I’ll take it!

This family is so precious and loving that you can’t help but feel it even in the images…and THAT my friends is what this job is all about!  Capturing EMOTION and FEELING…not just another “everybody say cheese” snapshot.  I want my clients to look back on these prints years from now, or even their grand or great grand kids, and know that there was love abounding because they can see it and feel it in the images.  I am so happy I am blessed to share this gift with not only my dear clients/friends, but the world. I am also ever so grateful for the blessings this family has brought to my life just by knowing them.  They truly live what they believe, and are such encouragers not just to me, but anyone who knows them!

So I give you the beautiful Cantrells…well, most of them…Brian and Consuela were MIA for this session. But their time’s coming again for me to shoot em…I can feel it! Ya’ll hear me? Hahaha

Couldn't you just eat.him.up!!! I love the little bits of drool! I know I could've edited them out, but to me they're perfect...and REAL! 🙂

See what I mean...that little man is flat.out.SMARMY! LOVE IT!!!

I call these the "model" series... don't hate!

Like father like son!

Beautiful couple...inside AND out! Love em to bits!

That's one loved little man! And I just have to share that Jeff was game for what.ev.er to grab this shot so he climbed over a wall and traipsed out on a narrow trail with Jamen in tow to grab that precious shot...I LOVE it...Gerri Le however may or may not have hyperventilated 😉 Love her heart! Oh the things daddys will do!

Thank you all again for letting me shoot you! Always my pleasure! :0)

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