Burger Family Fall | Cleveland, TN

This crew is near and dear to my heart.  Karen is my “sister from another mister” and I call her mom… well…MOM! And I am her “daughter”! I have so many “adoptive” moms and dads and siblings that you really should be jealous! Love them all so much! Don’t misunderstand I still love my real moms n pops above all, but my adoptives are much loved too!  So, when momma wanted family pictures made, she of course chose me. 🙂

We set out to their Church, the Church where I stood with my BFF almost 2 years ago when she married my “brother from another mother”, John.  It started out a rather GLOOMY day but the evening sun was picture perfect just in time for their session… like God just cleared the sky just.for.us.  I told ya’ll before… prayer works! 🙂  True to form the boys weren’t all that game for pictures, but I got some fantastic shots anyways! I love a challenge! LOL!

“Dad” smiling always makes me happy, and when “Momma Shirley” kissed his cheek and he grinned… I did too!  I love older couples who are still so cute and sweet…just precious!  As always the snarky comments and faces from big brother Scott, who though he puts on a nice “tough” exterior is completely smitten with his beautiful wife, Christy, helped make some of my favorite images.  🙂  Thank you all for your sweet spirit, and the opportunity to shoot you! I love you all mucho!!

So, here now is the Burger (and Partridge) Family Fall Session…

My Favorite! 🙂
No special effects, that was the amazing sky!

Ain’t they CUTE!!!!!

2nd Favorite!!!

SO. THEM! Love it!
The Sibs!

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