A Lesson Learned & A Memory Found!

Tonight as I sat here editing, and as usual being my own worst critic, and wishing I would’ve been a snap faster, or wouldn’t have bobbled a bit & caused a smidge of a blur (that only I probably would notice); A little voice told me to go through my iPhone photos….and I saw an image that immediately brought me to uncontrollable sorrow and tears…. What was it?  The last picture I ever took of my beloved “Pappy”!

She was comforting my precious cousin Ava the last day I saw her and something said “THIS…THIS is photo worthy!” Little did I know almost 2 months later w/ Christmas looming that it would bring a smile to my face thru the tears…and a much needed reminder to cut myself some slack.

I’m a believer it’s those imperfect, slightly blurry images that sometimes mean more than the most perfectly composed shot. Those “just have to have it”, no matter the quality, images that will bless someone’s heart because it’s a precious memory!  And memories are fuzzy anyway…that’s what pictures are for…to clarify that memory just like you were back there, so if the pictures blurry too it’s alright!   That fuzzy picture and that fuzzy memory combine to take you back…back in that living room sitting beside your grandmother watching her hold, comfort, and love on a baby just like you know she did you when you were little.  And you miss her…so much it hurts…but you’re thankful for that blur, thankful for that static or “snow”, because at least you have it!

So, here’s to 2012…. a year of living for the memories…not over analyzing the minute details, and sharing my gift with the world! May you all be reminded too to sit back sometimes and just “shoot for the blur”…because in all honesty I’d rather a blurry image than no image at all!!!

Here’s my “Pappy” as we called her…doing what she did best…loving on her family! Rest In Peace my beloved Granny… You are missed, but you’re celebrating the Savior’s birth this year WITH HIM, and for that I am glad! See you when I get there!!!

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