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I photographed them and their wonderful parents back in the summer (You can see those images HERE), and so when they needed last-minute Christmas portraits their momma called me in a panic! No sweat though.  We got them in the next weekend when they came in to visit their Grandparents, Angie’s mom and dad, who live not far from my house in my hometown.  Their mother, Angie, and I went all through school together. Riceville Elementary and McMinn County Highschool where we both graduated in 2001.  I hadn’t seen her since Graduation until one day I was living in my first apartment in Murfreesboro about 6 years ago and another friend we went to school with was sitting on my front porch swing talking and we see this girl, slightly pregnant, walking two little dogs.  We both turned to each other and said “Angie?” Low and behold it was!  Living in our same complex just a building over. Small world!  So, that was the first time I met the eldest little bit, Rowan, before she was born.  And little did I know 5 years later I’d be the professional photographer taking her pictures.

You see back then I was still only planning weddings and arranging floral designs on the side of my full-time job with a cellular provider.  Photography was only a hobby, and to my friend’s I was “the Paparazzi” as I ALWAYS had my little 5MP Kodak Easy Share in hand.  I still love that little camera! It took some pretty amazing shots…proof now that it’s not the camera…or the lens…but the eye behind it!  That eye has been faithful to me, and on a chilly Saturday morning I invaded the childhood home of an old schoolmate, and now friend, to snap her and her husband Chris’ little girls…AND the whole Weese clan and their babies, which shall come in a another few posts! :0)  It was wonderful chaos! The parents always get stressed, and it’s normal and expected as children are most unpredictable creatures, but amid total chaos is when I find my “zone”.  Nothing else matters, and honestly I believe pictures with tears (as you’ll see here) are some of the most precious images you can capture, and I tune everything and everyone out to where it’s just me and the kiddos.  I know the parents are going nuts behind me making funny faces, jumping up and down, petting their babies and calling their names to get them to look at “me” but I’ve grown good, (hey, I had too…if I didn’t I’d be cracking up at the scene the plays out behind me…maybe one day I’ll record them…with their permission of course! HA!) at blocking all that out!  Because with children you have to always be in your “A-Game” zone ready to grab whatever face, gesture, movement they make.

Emery, the baby, wasn’t feeling it at first…hey, most kids usually aren’t…but out came the candy cane and all was right with the world!  Dear Spangler Candy Canes,  Thank You and You’re Welcome! And later outside my Christmas Ornaments…plastic of course 😉  I’m all about BRIBES! HAHA!  Rowan, however, is my little posing buddy as you can see from her Summer Session photos.  Her momma has trained her well!  I ADORE Christmas as many of you know, and I absolutely LOVE children so combining the two makes me ever so happy.  Well, enough of the blabbing for now… I give you Rowan + Emery’s Christmas Portraits.

P.S.  No studio lighting was used, no flash either, as I wanted these to have a bit of a “vintage” and “homey” feel so I only used the available light.  Maybe it’s just me, but I adore them and the “feel”!

Those dresses + those coats! I mean I want one of those coats! Sheesh!
Ahhhh! Those candy canes were LIFE SAVERS! And how about those little eyes and teeth? Really? Babies are so PRESH!
LOVE these! The focus on that candy cane, and Emery's little teary eye...just timeless!!
Rowan.... girlfriend...I will shoot you any time. any.where! Can you give posing lessons to all the children of the world? LOL!

I told you…she’s a great little poser! Plus, I think she likes me! 🙂
Sisterly love! Ain't it sweet?
Don't you just want to eat.her.up? I mean those little perfect lips, and those whispy little curls! Adorable!
MY favorite!!! That ornanment in the tiny perfect hand, their coats, the pop of reds from the headband...and of course sissy kissing her forehead...well...It's just plain MAGIC!

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