What a difference a year makes. This year 2011 =NO SNOW | 2010 = A VERY Snowy CHRISTmas!

It was a year ago that I had my first ever WHITE CHRISTMAS!!! Last year the snow kept us home and we couldn’t, for the first time I think EVER, make it to my Granny’s house for Christmas.  I lost my “Mamaw” when I was 13 and until then it was Dad taking us for lunch with Mamaw while mom stayed home and cooked and then we headed home, loaded up and hit “Pappy’s” for dinner. After Mamaw passed it was spending the day at “Pappy’s” and all the Aunt’s and Cousins.  I would always think to myself as we made the 30 minute drive “over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go” and a part of me missed my Mamaw too… her little beanie clad head, her sweat suits, the rolls of quarters loosed in an envelope and sealed with our names on them, and of course that prickly Cedar tree she’d have one of her boys go out in the woods and cut down. That was Christmas.  Nothing fancy, just precious!

This year we lost Pappy on the 20th of October, and I had an amazing dream last night that had her in it with me.  It was so real, something I long for more than anything in the world, and SHE WAS THERE too!  I FELT her! Needless to say when I woke up and realized it was merely a dream I was shattered.  I miss that woman!  She’ll never be physically WITH me anymore.  I miss her cooking, her little elf shoes, that tree and tinsel, the Christmas bandanas she’d dress Spicy in…everything!  This year it’s just not the same, and to beat it all it’s rather warm out for a December…and sunny!  A stark, and unwanted contrast, for me anyways, to the beauty that fell last year and covered my little corner of the world in a blanket of pure white…just like what Jesus did when He stepped down from Heaven.  A sweet reminder, but bittersweet at best.

So, this year, a little like last, it’s dinner here at the house with my mom, dad, and little brother with the older bro and his fam coming over later. I’m thankful I still have them but I miss my Granny, my extended family, the baby cousins, everyone…but Christmas in Pappy’s house just would be too much to take without her there.  I’m thankful to just remember the Christmases past instead of trying to forge new ones in the place that she made her home…without her. 

I ask everyone this Christmas to hug their families a little tighter and be thankful for one more year of memories…they may not be there next year…and trust me, it hurts.  That is my Christmas wish for you all…to love on them just a little longer than normal and thank the Lord they’re here.

I shall leave you with my favorite Christmas ever… the SNOWY CHRISTmas of 2010.  It was so beautiful it deserves to be resurrected a year later.

Merry Christmas to you all, and a blessed New Year to you and yours.

Love and belief,

Braska Jennea

A Merry Snowy CHRISTmas 2010

I didn’t go to bed until 5am this morning…for real!  I just. couldn’t. sleep!  There was NOTHING happening when I went to bed….oh yes, I checked! But at 8am when I woke up for some inexplicable reason there was no grass in sight….just a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL B.E.A.UTIFUL Blanket of white!!  I honestly CANNOT remember a true white Christmas in all my 27.5 years upon this Earth, and today….it happened!  BEST. CHRISTMAS. PRESENT. EVER!!!!  Goodness, I knew Jesus loved me, I mean He did after all give up Heaven to come here over 2000+ years ago, but WOW!!!  3.5″ and still coming down!!!  I’m praying for 5 or 6…or more…and that it sticks around a few days!  What a WONDERFUL Christmas!  I just wrote a blog the other day, and attached a picture of a SNOWFLAKE I took…yeah…a real SNOWFLAKE, about why I LOVE Snow so much….if you’re interested in that too then visit “The Snowflake Portrait” if you wish!

My grandmother cancelled our Christmas dinner about an hour ago, which is a bit of a blessing because to begin with I had no idea how we were going to get my wheelchair bound mother, whom I lovingly refer to as “Gimpy” now, out of the house…since we found out the other day when she and I ventured to town that it’s painful as all get out for her on crutches!  So, my amazing Greek Vinaigrette Lemon Pepper Chicken, Baked Ham, Sausage Balls, and Green Beans I have made to take to her house shall be eaten in our own little dinner….here at home!

You all should know by now my camera is permanently attached to my hand, so without further adieu here’s some of the beauties I shot 1st thing this morning…flip flops and all!  You know how I roll when snow’s involved…whatever is handy! 🙂

The birds were going NUTS...JUST. LIKE. ME!! 🙂
Seriously! I ❤ Nandina Berries...but with snow...Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmmmm That's good stuff!
Just a Tender Tennessee Christmas....it's the only Christmas for me!
Justin & Steph...this one's for you! Come back home SOON!
That's how ruff ryda's roll....No limit soldier!
Snow: It makes the ordinary into the EXTRAORDINARY! And can you see the falling snow? LOVES!

I don't know if I've said it....but I LOOOOOVE SNOW....AND my CAMERA!
Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland!
My tracks were already getting filled in in less than 5 minutes! 🙂
All it needs is a BUNCH of lights and it'd be the PERFECT tree!!

about 3.5" baby!! SO EXCITING!!!
MMMMMMM Baked Ham!
The BEST Chicken you'll ever put. in. yo. mouth! Be jealous you're not here to eat some! 😉

Stay tuned!  Hopefully I’ll be able to add more later as I get out and about today or tomorrow! 🙂  Feel free to share with your Twitter/Facebook friends via the link below!


151 thoughts on “What a difference a year makes. This year 2011 =NO SNOW | 2010 = A VERY Snowy CHRISTmas!

  1. merry christmas to ou! Just wondering, how long does your camera battery last in winter cold like this? I’m only asking because i’m taking my honeymoon in a week in europe and worried how the cold will shorten the battery life… especially under my trigger-happy fingers

    1. I haven’t noticed a difference in my battery, it’s the response time however that is slower, It’s a Canon 5D Mark II so the shutter is wicked fast anyway but in the cold the longer I’m out and the colder it is the shutter becomes slower, I’m talking probably miliseconds, but I can tell a difference, and it’s slower to focus on what I want it to focus on, but not bad at all! LOL!
      However, if you’re worried I’d grab a back up battery just in case…you never know, and in case you leave the one off the charger or it fails to charge (as Ive done before THINKING I had it correctly on the charger) you’ll be prepared! Thank you for commenting, and Have fun, take pictures and PLEASE share when you get back!!! I’ve always wanted to go to Europe…one day I will by golly! 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

      1. getting slower response time kinda sucks too huh! hmm.. anyhow, I got a back up battery.. just in case… I’d rather have slightly burry pics than no pics at all!

  2. Just purchased my first “real” camera. A Canon DSL and I have no idea what I’m doing yet. In fact it’s still in the box because I’m slightly intimidated, but you make photography appear so very enjoyable. Blessings and greetings.

    1. Hahahahaha!! I kept my 5DMKII in the box for almost 8 hours it scared me so bad!!! It’s my dream camera but the training wheels came off that day buddy! It gets easier though, I google and You tube what I don’t know because I don’t have the time or $$ right now for school so I’m teaching myself slowly but surely! I jumped head first in to the deep end you might say and so far I’m still swimming! Just take it a day at a time and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! Lighting most of all will either make or brake your photos so brush up on that and how to adjust it on your camera for the best photos and that’s 1/2 the battle! Photography is my passion! Nature and Landscapes though are my hobby and if I could make money just traveling and shooting scenery, etc… I’d do it in a heartbeat! 🙂 It’s also a great stress releaver too so get that baby out of the box and start shooting up a storm! Best of luck, Merry Christmas and wishing you a very Happy New Year!!

      1. The beautiful thing about the DSL as opposed to the old school SLRs is that digital “film” is free… you can shoot 3,000 photos (I have 4GB and 8GB memory cards) and chuck the ones you don’t like. I drag my 5D and its lenses with me wherever I go and worry about “bad” photos later. I have every member of my family and most of my friends trained… they know I may take six pictures of something they either don’t shoot or just give the single courtesy shot. But whose photos do they want copies of?! Photos are the single best souvenir! (And yes, you’ve got to get to Europe… if you go to my blog and backtrack to the end of October/beginning of November I have a number of entries, with photos, that have nothing to do with my normal blog topic because I was on vacation… and I’m ready to go back!)

  3. AH! beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! i terribly miss snow, as i have never had a white Christmas in my life. but i hope i get one in future Christmases. 🙂
    happy Christmas! 🙂

  4. this was really pretty! so glad that you got a white CHRISTmas. Here in London, we got the snow earlier on in the day. We still have some ice/slush left over, but i wanted the white stuff. It would have been so cool! God bless!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment!!! All the way from London to my small town in Tennessee….wow I LOVE the internet! LOL! I’ve just started blogging regularly this week so this is new to me, but today has been amazingly insane! Perfect snow outside and then this “Freshly Pressed” business….had no clue what it even was until I started getting all these comments! LOL! Maybe you’ll get some good laying snow soon! May God Bless you and yours as well, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    1. THANKS! We don’t get hardly any around here 😦 so when it falls I cherish it all for as long as it’s around!

      I had no idea I was “Freshly Pressed” until I started getting all these comments…I’ve only been doing this for a week solid now! LOL!! What a fun experience!

  5. Snow does dress everything up, kind of like a touch of lace. We got about 5.5″ – 6″ of snow here in my rural area of Missouri. I went out in the middle of the night just to try and take some photos.

    You took some lovely photos. I hope this was just a small bit of the Happiness you experience this Christmas day.

    1. Oh how I wish we’d get that much! LOL! It’s rare it even sticks here 😦 I was up most of the night waiting to shoot the 1st flakes but didn’t make it! ha! My Christmas has been wonderful despite cancelled travel plans to Granny’s, hope yours was fantastic and Happy New Year!

  6. Very nice pictures and its so nice to see the enthusiasm! Merry Christmas! Congrats on the SNOW & Freshly Pressed! I’m sorry to say I don’t miss the snow, except to see it fall, all the muss & fuss, been there done that! I’ll take the Sunshine & warmth of Arizona now, THANKS!


    1. AWESOME!!! Shoot away! 🙂 Sorry you didn’t get snow for Christmas, but you can send some of the other snow you got the rest of the month here! LOL! We never get a good sticking snow 😦 So today was WONDERFUL and a 1st in a LOOOONG time apparently! Thanks for commenting and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

  7. O I love the snow too!!! It just started here in South Carolina we are suppose to get 2 to 4 inches.It’s so beautiful the first Christmas it’s snowed that I remember.I enjoyed all of your pictures!!!!!!!!!! “Merry Christmas”!

  8. Love this post. Love the pictures and how you capture ‘winter. Most of all though I love how Christ is the center of it all! This is a wonderful blog. I happened to stumble on it this evening and plan on following it. Thanks for sharing the pictures. God Bless!

  9. I love all your pictures! They make me happy to look at! 🙂 I enjoy taking pictures too! It didn’t snow where I am or I would’ve taken a lot similar to this! Merry Christmas stranger! It makes my day that Christ was obviously the center of your Christmas! We need more people like you, thank you!

  10. Great pictures to the extreme!!
    Merry Christmas to you, dear..

    Your pictures made the news regarding snow storm seems like nothing. The world looks warm and serene in your shots 🙂

  11. What lovely pictures you paint, with your photographs and words. And you’re right – I am jealous that I don’t get to try your food because it looks so delicious.
    We’ve had snow on the ground in the UK for some time now, but I live in the eastern part and it hasn’t been too disruptive here. We’re down to below freezing temp’s again today so looks as though it won’t be melting yet.
    I put some photo’s of the weather on my blog and am about to go out with my dogs and camera and take some more, but I doubt that they’ll be as atmospheric as yours are.
    I hope you have a chance to enjoy your windfall snowfall for a little longer.

  12. I love your photos and excitement about the SNOW! The white stuff should be arriving in Connecticut soon, and you’ve inspired me to bundle up (in boots, not flip flops – I’m not half as brave, but admire your spirit!) and get out there with my camera. ENJOY! And CONGRATS on getting Freshly Pressed!

  13. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas….so goes the song. A white Christmas has always been a dream.

    The first Christmas did not have snow actually. 🙂

  14. What a beautiful southern Christmas you must have had – and thanks for some truly awesome photography. Congrats on Freshly Pressed!!

  15. I do believe this has been the snowiest Christmas ever. Here in Minnesota, we’ve got about five feet of snow and no matter how much or how often, it always makes Christmas spectacular.
    Highest snow fall for December for recorded history in Minneapolis.
    Thanks for your gorgeous photos.

    P.S. What state are you actually from, besides the state of Grace and Splendor?

  16. I love this… we went to bed at like 4am ’cause we were makin like elves to put the kids presents together… the night before, like always. It didnt even occur to me that the weather in fact called for 2-4 inches here in central kentucky. When I woke up it was sheer delight and surprise to see our first white Xmas, like yourself.It would have been lovely to take a walk with my camera and capture some of those peaceful moments in the AM. After reading your blog I am realizing I need to take my camera for a walk more often… like my dog.

    I enjoyed your post, thank you!

  17. How beautiful! We are in southern California, and I really miss seeing the snow at Christmas time. Thank you for taking the time to share all of these pictures with us and allowing me a little bit of white Christmas too (even if only through your photos).

  18. wow…you’re good at making blogs…:))…love this Christmas blog you did


  19. Wow! Loved each shot… I am so jealous of youuuuuuuuuuuu… but God Bless… pray you have a wonderful time with Gimpy dear and your grand mom.


  20. love your pictures very beautiful! Glad you were able to enjoy a white christmas… we have had sooo much snow this year its depressing. 30+ inches on the ground right now YUCK.. i’m willing to share if you want some more 😉
    Thanks again for sharing the beautiful pics!

  21. Amazing pics and I really like the overall look of this site. Great job and a well deserved Freshly Pressed. I’d love to see more photos and will poke around. If you have a post you especially liked this past year please hop over to my site and repost on the year end repost event I’m having this week! Take care.

  22. love the second one with the berries=) being in Maine I can’t say I love snow (shoveling all winter kills the mystique) but, I do love how it looks freshly fallen and I do love (and would miss) a white christmas;) Happy you got one too;)

  23. Great pics! There all my favorites. They reveal why I love snow even if it means shoveling for hours on end. Especially love the pic where your feet in the slippers reveal your die-hard attitude. I would too, :).

  24. Great pics! They’re all my favorites; reveals why I love snow even if it means shoveling for hours on end. Especially love the pic where your feet in the slippers reveal your die-hard attitude. I would too, :).

  25. Oh…I’m so jealous! I live in Colorado and we did not get one flake of snow this Christmas. In fact, it’s been brown and dry this entire month! Glad to see someone had a white Christmas. 🙂

  26. I love your photos. They are great! Unfortunately I live in Louisiana so there is absolutely NO snow here EVER. So it’s like an imaginary mystical event here & when and if it ever does snow it will be magical lol 🙂

  27. Hi, without any doubt there´s no other landscape more beautiful than a snowy landscape. Congratulations and you´re a lucy to live in a place like that where snows, I live in Brasil, an amazing country in an amazing city (Rio de Janeiro), but here it doesn´t snow hehe, we have a strong summer, the advantage is the beautiful sunny day (if you visit my blog you will see some photos), beaches and etc. Thanks for posting it, you made my night colder, hehe. I won´t need to turn on my air conditioning,hehe.

  28. Wonderful pictures. I hope you’ll also take pictures of fireworks in your place on New Year. That would be beautiful. 🙂


    i too always have my cam in my hand but my i am terrible at photography!!

    i fell in love with each one of your photographs!! 😀

    and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀 im the 100th to like ur post

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