Out With the Old | Ringing In the New Year | Knoxville, TN

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the lovely Knoxville, TN!!! I hope your new Years Eve was as good as mine…but if not here’s some shots I grabbed on my iPhone4 and Camera+ during the fun…it’s cool…you can pretend you were here! 😉

The count down begins…


The Ball drop…


The three amigas dancing it up…


The always lovely Tennessee Theatre as we roamed around downtown…


The Regal Garden of Lights…


Me…”Ooooohhh Pretty lights!”


And just like that…I remembered why I severely dislike drunk people…


Crossing the street to Downtown Grill & Brewery I grabbed this beauty on the fly! I’m still trippin over how amazing it turned out!!! Good things sometimes come from lingering in the crosswalk and a little motion blur 🙂 all I did was turn it b&w! Whoo hoo!


And to top off an excellent evening & kickoff the beginning to 2012… Potato Skins, a round of drinks (Water if you’re wondering 😉 and the best version of ROCKY TOP…WHOOOO! Ever by a house band (to the drunk folk in the room anyway!! 😉 to the rest of us it was decent!)


Thanks for viewing and sending Prayers for a blessed and
HAPPY NEW YEAR from “B” to you!

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