A new spin on an old classic | BraskaJennea Artwork

It’s no surprise to most of you who know me that I get bored….EASILY!  My mind bounces around from all of the things I have to do, and usually don’t get done, while I’m working and I get distracted…”SQUIRREL!” Where was I?  Oh yeah… distractions.  Today I’m editing like crazy when it hits me…boredom!  Now every photographer’s creative process is extremely different, but this photographer cannot produce my best work when I hit an episode of “boredom”.  I’ve tried to just “plow through” it before, but I’m never happy with the results I produce and wind up going back through later and redoing them.  Just.can’t.do it!

Today I needed some “photo-spiration” and my mind went back to a series of images I captured last March in Memphis while I was shooting a friend’s wedding there. We’d headed back to the hotel we were all staying at the night before the big day to ready for the rehearsal dinner when my favorite vine caught my eye… Wisteria!!!!  It.was.EV.RY.WHERE!  I was in Heaven! My dream home will one day include an arbor heavily adorned with nothing but Wisteria vines!

I grabbed my camera, darted some traffic, and stood in the middle of the road to grab this, my favorite, image.  I pulled up the image a few hours ago in my boredom funk and decided to FINALLY after almost a year…EDIT it!  Just.what.I.needed.  I don’t believe in coincidences, as you may also know, so I know undoubtedly God had me pull this image up so the next phrase that entered my mind to describe it could hit me….with an OOMPH of an illustration to back it!

We’ve all heard that old saying “Bloom where you’re planted”.  Well… in the midst of downtown Memphis is an old brick silo or cistern with a concrete one beside it that are COVERED with beautiful, bright purple, wisteria blossoms!  They are what looks to be some part of an old farm type setup that’s long been abandoned, but yet wisteria vines abound!  Thus I came to the idea of “Don’t just bloom where you’re planted…FLOURISH!”  I want to FLOURISH…just like those gorgeous blooms… in the midst of an area where it seems I’m forgotten and get extremely run down and just ignored, I want to make people look up and go “WOW!  Now that’s amazing!  Has she been there the whole time?  How did I miss her?”

I encourage you all to the same!  Don’t just bloom where God plants you…FLOURISH!!!! With God ALL THINGS are possible! 😉

Yes...You can purcahse it for your home, office, Church, friends, family, etc... contact me from my website... Please don't steal! XOXO-"B"

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