Harden, Faison, Prince Family | Family Session | Riceville, TN

This family is near and dear to my heart! Pam is a bestie and to her chilrens (channeling Maddea there 😉 ) I am “Aunt B”.  I’ve shot their 3 “skittles” since before they were born, and most recently in the Fall, I shot these images of them. They are one of my “second homes” and and “second family’s”.  Her mom and dad I call “mom” and “dad”, her mammaw is “my” mammaw, and her beloved Pappaw was “my” pappaw as well.  I know God places people like them in our lives to be our strength and encouragers when we need them most…even though they may never know how many times they bless our lives.  That is this family.  They live what they believe, and they love.  They’re not perfect, they’re just like any other family, after all, but they love truly with the love of Christ.

It was a chilly Sunday morning when they were all in for the shower for the, then pending arrival, newest addition to the clan, Miss Joslynn Claire.  Who I may add made her appearance 5 weeks early, but is a beautiful and healthy gift from God!  They had me come out to “Mammaw and Pappaw’s” for the session, and I haven’t been there in a while.  I know undoubtedly my dear friend will tear up at this, but I did as soon as I pulled in the drive.  It felt like a vast presence was missing… and I wasn’t even to the house yet!  Pappaw left us to take his place with our Lord a couple of years ago, and you can feel his absence on the land he loved so much.  That man….whew…I still can’t think of him and not cry…and he wasn’t my real family… But you sure did feel like you were “his” when you were around.  I was blessed to capture the last family images of him here in April 2010.  Still makes me smile through tears just looking at them and remembering that beautiful day!

It was another beautiful day when I was to take the next set of family pictures for this precious crew.  He wasn’t there in person, but I felt him in spirit from behind my lens watching over his beloved family.  I absolutely LIVE for capturing moments that will be there long after memory and people are gone…the images remind us, and that’s why I love these family sessions so much!  They’re real, they’re crazy, they’re antsy and fidgety, they’re full of chasing wee ones and wrangling the men who’d rather take a needle to the eye than be in pictures, they’re full of laughter and silly faces.  They’re full of LIFE!

So here they are, the wonderful and funny Harden (Faison & Prince) Crew….

Mary and Goose are too funny and sweet! It must be love! 🙂
Momma and her kiddos!

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