The Prince Three | Children | Harrison Bay State Park, TN

I’ve known each of these 3 “skittle-bits” since before they were born.  Their momma is one of my absolute best friends, and I thank the Lord all the time for her, and her whole family.  They call me “Aunt B”, and I call them: “Skittles, pop-corn, and G-Baby” among many others. HA!

I went as “Jon”, Pam’s hubby, to Jon’s family reunion back a few months ago at Harrison Bay State Park as he was out-of-town with the National Guard.  We took the opportunity on that gorgeous Fall day to shoot some over-due shots of the skittles.  It proved a bit of a challenge as they were full from the lunch we’d just eaten and all the playing they’d done since…sans a nap!  Never-the-less I prevailed and caught some pretty funny and adorable pictures of them.  I’m so behind on posting them it’s not funny as behind this post is their family session we did almost 2 months later! LOL!  I’m a super slacker…don’t judge me! 😉

I give you the 3 little Princes!

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