Meet the Browns | Newborn Lifestyle Photographer | Huntsville, AL

I first met Cheryl while visiting a mutual friend at MTSU.  Then only a few months after I moved to Middle, TN, to Murfreesboro, we became fast friends…and lifelong friends.  I met Chris in Sunday School at New Vision Baptist Church a few years later.  I still remember the night I KNEW they were made for each other.  After a cookout at Cheryl’s house he stayed and helped clean-up with she and I.  She stood there washing dishes (though he took his turn in the dishwater too 😉 and he was giving her a shoulder massage.  As I turned to leave I remember still looking back in to the kitchen and thinking “I see them growing old together…!”

Fast Forward to April 17, 2010 and they became my second wedding ever to photograph. When I stepped in to their Huntsville apartment to shoot Mr. Nathaniel’s newborn portraits I was so happy to see my work, their wedding photos, all over their walls, and to know that soon more of my work, Mr. Nathaniel Hardy Brown’s first time in front of my camera, would be on those walls too.  Since I can’t be with them all the time now that they’ve moved I feel somehow connected still through those images!

Born at 5lbs even and 18.5 inches of sheerly tiny perfection I fell in love with him the moment I knew he existed.  Another “nephew” to add to my ever growing collection of kiddos to call me “Aunt B”, and I couldn’t have been happier! He’s such a happy little fellow, and his mommy and daddy are completely smitten and working this new parenting thing like old pros.  I brought different props, backdrops, and lighting tools, but we opted to call an audible and go “natural”…or “Lifestyle” on it…and I could not be happier!  Using available light and nixing the flash as much as possible yields some of the most breathtaking results…just so you know.

I’m not a crier really, but there are several images that literally brought tears to my eyes. May they do so to you as well! 😉 So, enough of me let’s get to the sweetness that is The Brown Family!

"Milk Please"

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