A Surprise 60th Birthday | The Weese Family | Athens, TN Event Photography

I grew up going to school with the kids from this family….all the way from the good old days at Riceville Elementary to Highschool.  So, when Angie called to ask if I’d shoot their mom’s big surprise 60th birthday I couldn’t say no!  Then 3 days before the party was to go down I received another call asking me to pinch hit last minute and bang out the flower arrangements for Ginger’s big day…. Ummmm YES! If there’s one thing I love almost as much as shooting people, with a Canon ;-), you probably know it’s floral design!

I hit up the local Bi-Lo and Kroger, and my mother’s garden for the Hydrangeas, and one loooong sleepless night later I had 30 something small centerpieces, 2 large and one very large centerpiece, and one special corsage, to complete this country chic shindig.  I used burlap for the table runners because really, what says sweet, southern, party like burlap?

Let me say this…this family can THROW DOWN!  The party was awesome, and a total surprise, which I’m told was somewhat of a miracle that no one spilled the beans. Hahaha!  The BBQ Master/son-in-law, Scott, busted out some serious BBQ pork and Chicken that would make Bobby Flay or Guy Fieri drool from the homemade smoker they built a few years ago. Folks I have to say that the BBQ was so delicious it didn’t even need the Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce that helped adorn each of the tables.  Now THAT’S some rockin’ BBQ!!  The rest of the spread was just as amazing with shrimp, oysters, potato salad, fruit and veggies, and other sweet southern Summertime BBQ favorites.  Her doting hubby even had her cake topped with “Forever and Ever”, which I overheard Ginger telling was how she used to sign the letters they wrote to each other…how cute is that?  The bar has been set people for all parties in the future…and it’s REALLLLLY HIGH!

Here now are some of the highlights from the day, and to the blessed Birthday girl Ginger, if fifty is nifty may sixty be swell!

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