Leah Brown Sauceman | Bridal Portraits | Nashville, TN Photographer

God didn’t give me a sister by birth….He gave me one by heart!  Leah and I have been neighbors and friends since she entered this world living right next door.  She’s one of those friends that you don’t have to talk to all the time, but the moment you get back together it’s like no time has passed.  Life has separated us here and there, but we’re always brought back together when one or the other needs.

I could NOT be happier that she’s finally with the man God had for her all along!  A man TRULY after God’s own heart FIRST, and my best friend’s heart second…The only way it should be.  It’s been a long road, one she literally promised she would never, just “never”, see again as she was “done with men” because “there just aren’t any good one’s out there!”…I of course informed her she was wrong, but she wouldn’t believe me 😉

When I met Tyler last Fall, even in those first brief moments, I saw the spark he’d reignited in my life long “sister”, and I knew not only did he pass MY test, but that indeed Leah would be eating crow…for a long time! Hahahahaha!!! I love you!!!  I shot their engagement pictures in the early Spring this year, and you can see those from the Old Woolen Mill in Cleveland, TN here.

So, tomorrow, or today if you’re reading this, on Friday the 13th she’ll say “I DO” to Tyler Sauceman, the Spiritual Leader, and God sent missing piece to her being who was created just for her all along.  Tyler I love you like a brother now too, but always know my Leah comes first 😉 and I will go Madea on you if she ain’t happy! 😉 Ha!

I’ll stand in FRONT of the lens tomorrow as her BFF and Maid of Honor, and I wouldn’t have it any.other.way.  When I planned her bachelorette weekend a few weeks ago I concocted the idea to do her Bridal Portraits in downtown Nashville, TN.  I love that city almost as much as I love the mountains, and what better place to sport that AMAZING dress a first time?  She was game, and I was ELATED!!  I hit up Import Flowers in Nashville and grabbed the beauties to design her bouquet…I mean what are Bridal Portraits without gorgeous flowers right?  So, with the room all set up for the rest of the maids and Leah’s arrival, Pam and I ripped open the flowers.  I literally threw together possibly my favorite bouquet I’ve ever made right there…in a hotel room! HA!!!  You work with what you’ve got people, and rock it out no matter what! 😉

I did her hair while Steph, Kylie and Pam steamed the dress, and we took the Courtyard Marriott’s Shuttle down to the Pedestrian Bridge.  We started about an hour late, but the weather was better by then, and the LIGHT was amazzzzzing! God knew what time we needed to start so He worked all that out with delays. Lol! Big props to my “assistants” Kylie, Pam and Stephanie for helping with everything.  You’re all just fantastic!

Now, here we are on the eve of the big Brown+Sauceman wedding and I’m setting this up to release at ceremony time tomorrow. Technology is amazing isn’t it? I can launch the GORGEOUS-ness I’ve been sitting on at the time I’m standing there witnessing my girl marry the man of her dreams….You’re allll welcome!

On with the goodies… I give you…. The New Mrs. Leah Sauceman!

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