Debbie+Micheal | Hilliard Jeans Wedding | Murfreesboro Wedding Photographer

The biggest complement anyone can give me is a referral.  And I have past clients Shannon+Matt Sledge to thank for this sensational couple! You can see their Fall Family session Here.  The fabulous Shannon even did her girlfriend’s hair and make-up for the big day…and she did a splendid job…as usual!

I didn’t meet them until W-Day, but through several emails, texts, and a few phone calls we locked it down, and I KNEW I would like her, and sure enough I did.  I love walking in to people’s lives and just jumping in the deep-end head first.  It’s the most important day of their life, the joining of a him and a her forever, and they pick me to capture it…not a task I take lightly at all.

They each brought one son a piece to the table to join as one family, and I have to say now the vows they said to the boys and sealed with gifts to them was the most precious moment I think I’ve ever witnessed!  Not only did they commit to their new spouse, but to their new sons. PRICELESS!  The boys were equally adorable in their vows to their new brother…promising to teach each other sports, video games, and other all american boy things they each love. Truly a ceremony to unite them all four as one unit!

I’ll also admit the dress code for their guests of “black and white” made me ECSTATIC!  GENIUS idea…and looks fantastic in camera!! The lighting was perfect, and my favorite time of day…evening, and despite the heat it was a purely glorious event!

So, here’s to the new Jeans family!  Thank you for letting me capture this special time for you, and I pray a lifetime of happiness for you all!

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