Kortney + Sean | Mounsey + Evans Wedding | Knoxville, TN Wedding

The beauty of the internet is it brings people you never would’ve imagined in to your life.  Such is the case with Kortney and Sean.  She found me through an internet search, and upon meeting her at Starbucks in Knoxville I knew immediately their wedding would be a splendid one!

She’s a fiery spirited “Ginger”, and he’s a tall, dark and handsome fella who clearly adores her.  They searched for the perfect venue for their big day, and the last place someone suggested was it…a picturesque Victorian style Doll House  amid the mountains of Clinton, TN.

I, being a lover of all things Victorian, fell in love once I pulled up to the house for the rehearsal. It was a balmy, cool, 107 degrees the night of the rehearsal…a hint of what was to come for the big day, but thankfully it only got up to 104 for the wedding! We darted in and out of air conditioning for pictures, and when it came time for the fellas to be shot it started to rain.  Troopers! We shot in the spotted shelter of a beautiful Willow Tree, and I think the cool drops and breeze were a welcome to the tux clad gentlemen…and me!

When the lightning started in the distance it was raining pretty steadily so we darted back inside to dry off.  We were all praying that it would pass quickly for the outdoor ceremony that was to occur within the hour, and sure enough it did! The sky afterward was perfect and the temp cooled off quite a bit too…thankfully.  No one jumped in the pool with their dress or tux on, so that was a good sign..although I was sad I wasn’t getting to capture that 😉 Lol!

Here now are the lovely Evans’ and a few images from their day. Thank you Sean and Kortney for letting me in to your lives, it was truly a blast, and an honor!

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