Tammy | Maternity + Jeremiah’s 1st Birthday | Calhoun, TN Photographer

I shot Tammy’s maternity last Fall for who would soon be little Mr. Jeremiah. You can check those out here. Now he’s a year old, and there’s a baby brother due for him in a few months. Four ADORABLE little boys, and there’s no denying who their parents are…blonde hair, blue eyes and this creamy skin that’s a DREAM to photograph.

They are definitely all American boys! They love anything outdoors, and upon pulling up on to their Pappaw’s farm they greeted me, one holding a bow and arrows, and the oldest yielding a gun…wearing camo pants and overalls…looking just like they were about to go hunting! YES! They are too precious for words…all 3, and undoubtedly the 4th one will be just as sweet!

We shot awhile around Tammy’s dad’s farm, where the boys somehow spotted a TINY TINY baby snake wiggling in some hay, and then headed out to Gee Creek in Reliance, TN to cool off some…and snag some gorgeous shots, where we were able to slow down and spot some deer frolicking freely in a field…you know…before these boys and their weapons are able to shoot them! Lol!

Happy Birthday Jeremiah, and I can’t wait to meet the newest little Burger baby boy!

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