Family: The Bell Grandparents | Nashville, TN Photographer

It was a GORGEOUS day, albeit warm, out at Henry Horton State Park near Nashville. I was to shoot the Bell family’s portraits on their last day of camping there in the park. But alas the stomach bug took it’s toll on Momma Shirley (that’s Amy) and so she had to head home early.

Her parents were still game for pictures of them and their grandbabies so we set off to shoot around the playground. I had the sweet privilege of shooting little Miss Mahayla’s Newborn pictures in April of 2011, Her and Tristan’s Easter pictures this past Spring, and she’s still just as cute as a button…but this time she was running around squirming and wriggling to get loose from her precious, doting, big brother, Tristan, her grand parents, and dad!

I wound up with a lot more images of her, as I was just trying to get a few great ones while she was on the move, than I anticipated, but I’m not complaining! This age they’re all about their mobility, and when she and Tristan were playing on the playground it was absolutely wonderful how gentle and loving he was with his baby sis! This boy is being raised right! 🙂

Mama and Papa Bell clearly love all of their grand-babes, and it’s evident they love them back! Getting to capture these memories for families makes me so happy as they’re images the grandparents will cherish now, and the children will cherish when they’re older!

Thank you all for letting me shoot you, and capture a little of the present for the future!

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