Trash the Dress | Anniversary: Sarah+Todd 2 Years Later | Nashville, TN Bridal

Two years ago I shot the fabulous wedding of Sarah and Todd.  A couple who were referred to me by their sister-in-law and my friend, Catherine. I saw them 2 weeks after the wedding (and I’d never seen them there before) walking through the Church parking lot…we went to the same Church all along! 🙂

They were my 3rd wedding ever! I look back on those images now, and I praise the Lord I’ve never stopped learning, growing, and adapting my style! I look back on those images of their amazing day and while I did grab some of my most awesome gems of images my retouching was non-existent :/ If you want to check them out and see how time has bettered my trade then you can do that here. Don’t judge me 😉

Two years later Sarah wanted to put on her dress again and “trash” it! Though you’ll see we didn’t really damage it at all…and the water was easily removed by a dry cleaner 🙂

Sarah’s family was camping at Henry Horton State Park near Nashville, TN. and we decided to do them there. So, her friend, and former bridesmaid Stephanie, came out to do her hair and make-up…in a camper! Now that’s a trooper!  Todd put on his vest and boutonniere from their wedding day, and we were off.

On the way in the park I got a little turned around, but in the process I found some AWESOME spots to shoot that we headed to later in the afternoon…an old barn, and a beat up old car that was just out in the woods. Getting lost sometimes pays off if you look around! 😉

I’ll have to say this, though many may disagree with me, as much time and money as a Bride spends on her wedding dress I truly feel you should either do a Bridal Session, a TTD Session, or both…and do fun things in it! Go for a swing, lay on some rocks, climb down a ravine, wade in the water, whatever you want to do. (Though I will say, and I’d think it’d be common sense but given recent news stories, PLEASE keep safety in mind when you involve anything to weigh down that dress…water and a current can be GORGEOUS but could also be dangerous!  Never push it too far and always be prepared with a way and extra people to help rescue just in case!)  And if you’re worried about if it’ll come clean afterwards then call your local dry cleaner…theirs said they could make it as good as new!

Big ups to Sarah+Todd for being such amazing friends and clients, and giving me free reign over the session! I loved stretching my creative mind, and I couldn’t have done it without your “just go with it” spirit! Here’s to many more years of happiness for you two!

One thought on “Trash the Dress | Anniversary: Sarah+Todd 2 Years Later | Nashville, TN Bridal

  1. Ah! Love them!! I’d forgotten about some of the places we shot and I didn’t even really know what my hair looked like, since we didn’t have a mirror. lol! You do great work, madam. 😀


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