Hudson’s First Birthday | Cake Smash with A Splish Splash | Gatlinburg, TN

This little man and his family are very special to me. I grew up right by his daddy, aunt, uncle, Nana and Papaw, and his great grandparents. His dad, Justin, married an amazing woman, Stephanie, a few years ago, and God blessed them with this little handsome man I call “Hud-the-STUD”.

He’s undoubtedly one severely loved child, and that’s ever so evident on both sides of his family tree.  I was asked to photograph his Aunt Brittany’s Senior pictures up in Gatlinburg, TN, and since his first birthday was only days away they asked me to do his First Birthday session up there too at Stephanie’s parent’s cabin.

From taking apart the telephone, to trying to climb down the stairs, to looking up at whoever he wanted to hold him at that moment, and then immediately wanting down, he doesn’t stop moving! 🙂 What a little mover and shaker he is…with a giant grin that will melt your heart!

I captured him on the move, and on the rare occasion we were able to keep him still ;-).  I’ve done a lot of cake smashes, but this kid literally TOOK.THE.CAKE…and beat it like a drum! It was demolished in only a matter of minutes…cake flying all over the places as he beat it.  I still contend he’s seen his Uncle Grant playing the drums, and was mimicking him…hey…it was round like a drum…I can’t blame him for the association.

When it was clean up time I’d talked them into a bubble bath, the “splish splash” part to my cake smash sessions. Too much cuteness watching sweet babies splash around in the water, and inadvertently clean themselves off at the same time 😉

We then headed out to shoot his Auntie’s Senior Pictures and we snapped a few of him, of course, too. The forest of the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail was gorgeous so we snapped some images while we were touring through there. He especially loved the water…of course! 🙂

So, here’s to Hudson, and many many more birthdays full of discovery, adventure, and fun! You are LOVED little man!

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