Fall Lifestyle Session | Aiden Absher | Murfreesboro, TN

I used to work with this handsome little dude’s mom and dad back in my Verizon Wireless days. His mom, Destiny, was one of our “SME”s (Subject Matter Expert) when my new hire class first hopped on the phones wayyyy back in Oct. 2005.  (WHOA! Has it been that long ago?)

Fast forward a few years and I first met wild man, Aiden, for his 1st year shoot that you can see here. Since then I’ve photographed him for Easter this year just about a month shy of his 1st Birthday, and now here he is again…lighting up my face from behind the camera.

He’s got some SERIOUS character. And when he showed up that Sunday to Cannonsburgh Village sporting THE cutest hat I’ve EVER seen….well…except maybe for the one in his 1st Birthday shoot…I knew IT.WAS.ON!

He was, as usual, quite the ham, and gave us all a good run around. I won’t lie if I ever have a little boy I hope he has THIS personality! The faces he makes are just PRICELESS and seriously unprovoked! He’s just.that.gooood!

So, without further adieu I re-introduce you to Mr. Aiden….

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