Fall Lifestyle Session | The Petty Family | Murfreesboro, TN

This day was a 3 in a row fest of some of my former VZW co-workers! It wasn’t until the last group arrived right before Alyson’s family was wrapping up that that occured to me!

Destiny and Aiden before them, and Angleia and her family after them…I miss the co-workers, but not the place! That’s fo.sho!

Alyson had moved to Wilmington when I was still with VZDub, but she’s since then she’s moved back and is back in the call center where we met and were team mates in Employee Accounts. I have to say that was one tight crew/family.

I’d never met the baby Lila Belle, but I’d seen pictures and she was actually cuter in person if that’s possible! And she’s a spit.fire who will take you down like a freight train should you get in her way! She’s a BOSS for real! πŸ™‚

I had so much fun running around trying to track her down for “just a couple” of “good” ones, and I got a lot more than I thought…which is ALWAYS a great thing.

Big Sis Aida is just too sweet and such a pretty gal! The way she just sat down and posed with little sis on the swing was simply PRECIOUS! Β Lila kissing her though was a scene stealer. Just. PRICELESS! Β I think they love each other πŸ™‚

So here’s to the Petty’s! Thank you all for allowing me the honor of capturing you and your babies. You all are just too wonderful πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Fall Lifestyle Session | The Petty Family | Murfreesboro, TN

  1. What a great job! I’m the “Nana ” to those two precious girls(Aly’s Mom) and you really captured their personalities. I’m so pleased with the pictures but I’m already worried about how to chose the ones I want.
    Belinda Epperson


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