Fall Lifestyle Session | The Robinson Family | Murfreesboro, TN

What is there to say about this sweet, sweet family? Well…everything really! I met David first at a multi-denominational midweek worship service in Murfreesboro, and then I think I later met Catherine through our friend Cheryl and then later Cat became Cheryl’s roommate.

Somewhere along the way David and Catherine were introduced, possibly through our weekly volleyball fests, some random cookout we all attended, or when he helped Cheryl and Catherine move in, but whatever it was when those two came together I saw immediately that there’d be no separating them!

Annnnnd I was right! 😉 Fast forward a little bit to doing the flowers for their wedding (way back when I just planned weddings and did floral design), and then fast forward a little more and I shot Catherine’s Maternity images on an old Kodak 5mp 10x zoom POINT AND SHOOT one gorgeous fall eve!

I look back on them every now and then, and I could’ve definitely done a much better job with a better camera. But then again, that’s NOT what makes an image… images occur, and if we’re blessed enough with an eye for this artistic gift of capturing life in camera then we capture those occurances. Therefore I won’t wish away my learning experience over the years. I still treasure those images, as I’m sure Cat and David do, just as they are.

After little Miss Anna was born I took a few candids with another point and shoot, and THAT is when I fell in love with capturing newborns and their parents.  The simplest image of Catherine laying on the bed in sweats, and sweet Anna laying beside her all swaddled up still stays stuck in my mind. It wasn’t all dressed up. It wasn’t posed. It was REAL. It was LIFE. That my friends is why I do this…to capture LIFE!

They moved to Colorado not long after Anna’s birth, but moved back recently and I could not be happier!  We didn’t get to spend a lot of time together the day of their session, hey back to backs will do that to you, but I felt like no time had passed. They’re THOSE friends.

Granted precious Anna is a “wee” bit bigger than the last time I saw her, she’s undoubtedly one amazing little spitfire who keeps mom and dad on their toes…annnnd has a knack for silly faces…which you know I loved!

So, here’s to a family of friends, and firsts. Thank you all for allowing me to capture your lives….and at points being guinea pigs of sorts for a passion and calling I didn’t know I’d be called to do full time. 🙂

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